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Review – Timeless Toys Party Bags

Written by Lauren. Posted in Miscellaneous, Reviews

We have spoken quite a lot about Timeless Toys on the Blog due to them being one of our favourite wooden toy shops.  It was very exciting when they decided to launch Wedding and Party favours for children and we were thrilled when Spud and Spike were asked if they wanted one each.  Because we didn’t have an parties or events where they would need distracting I decided to save them for the epic 3 hour train journey home from Nana’s and Pops’ house.  With prices ranging from £3.99 – £14.99, depending on the contents,they are slightly pricier than ordinary party bags but the contents are so worth it.  You get quality wooden toys that will last and not be thrown away or broken within a few hours.

John Crane’s Granny has come to Stay!

Written by Lauren. Posted in General

Last year John Crane sent Jenny Woodenmum off on her adventures.  She travelled the world and was spotted in some pretty cool places!  This year an army of Tildo Grandparents have been sent off on their jollies.

Spud was ecstatic to discover that Granny has come to stay and hasn’t let her out of his sight since she arrived!