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Written by Lauren. Posted in Miscellaneous

Whilst browsing the Internet recently I came across a fab competition to win a snow or beach holiday with Cosmos.  I have been very fortunate in that I did a lot of travelling throughout my childhood.  Being an “Army Brat” certainly has it’s advantages!  I was born in Germany so started travelling from a very young age.  My first aeroplane journey was at 6 weeks old and my first proper holiday was to Bavaria when I was only 5 months old.

Most of my early experiences of travel were to England to see family visiting some extremely nice areas of the United Kingdom.  I took some of my first steps on Plymouth Hoe.

One of my earliest memories was packing up the car and my Dad driving us from Germany to Italy towing a trailer tent behind us. My life was a constant adventure.

We were lucky enough to have some form of Foreign holiday every year and I am so grateful to my parents that when we did go somewhere new we made the most of it.  We didn’t sit by the pool for a week, we always explored mile upon mile of new places soaking up new cultures and experiencing all that a country had to offer.


 All these holiday’s were absolutely fantastic but the real fun started when my Dad got posted to Cyprus.  We spent two years living there and explored every inch of the Island.  We had to get special permission to venture over the border to Northern Cyprus but made the journey a few times.  Whilst in Cyprus I studied the Egyptians in History was unbelievably lucky enough to go on a cruise to Egypt and Israel.  Talk about learning through play!  We got stranded in Egypt for an extra 3 days so we explored and my Dad was even offered some camels to leave me behind.  I’m pretty sure he was tempted!


After Cyrus we came back to live in a “not so lovely” area of the UK, I guess that’s what you get for having such a great posting beforehand!  It all went quiet on the Travel front other than summer holidays to places like Spain, Malta and Italy until I turned 15 and my Dad announced that he wanted us to emigrate to Australia.  I was over the moon! We packed up our lives and shortly after my GCSE’s finished we moved to the other side of the world.

I had planned on backpacking my way across the world to visit family in the UK around the age of 21 but circumstances changed and sadly it didn’t work out.  Not long after my 17th birthday we moved back.  I didn’t go away again until I got a job as a Nanny shortly after finishing College.  They took me to Spain, Portugal and Majorca all expenses paid.  All I had to do was my job.  It was brilliant!  Sadly this is where my travelling bug fizzled out.  I met my Husband and thought that his job would throw us the opportunities that I had grown up with but times have changed and we are going to be based in one of three places, none of which are particularly exotic!  He gets to travel the world, not necessarily seeing any of it, whilst we live in areas chosen for their cloud cover!  Money is now my responsibility and with three babies to consider, travelling just isn’t an option at the moment – we haven’t even had a Honeymoon!  Hopefully over the years I will be able to show my kids just how fantastic the world is and I can start by entering the Cosmos competition.


A Fantabulous Bank Holiday Weekend

Written by Lauren. Posted in General

On Friday we travelled up to Reading to stay overnight with Nana and Pops.  The journey was a nightmare, it took us 5 hours to get to Bristol (usually a 2 hour journey) so we stopped at the huge retail park to stretch our legs.  The Asda Supercentre is amazing.  It seriously made me want to move to Bristol just so it could be my closest shop!

We finally got to Reading 7 hours after we left home and both boys were ecstatic to see Nana and Pops.  After lots of playing, dinner and a bath they both crashed out in bed whilst we all sat down to a gorgeously greasy Kebab and chips.

Review – Nûby Compact Mini Steriliser

Written by Lauren. Posted in Baby Products, Reviews

Spike is now only on 3 bottles a day and our big steam steriliser was taking double it’s usual time to sterilise everything.  We only have a tiny kitchen so it also took up a lot of valuable worktop space.  I wanted to keep sterilising until Spike turned 12 months because he tends to catch every bug going so the lovely people at Nûby very kindly sent us their Compact Mini Steriliser to try out.  It is a mini microwave steriliser (260mm wide, 115mm high and 210mm deep) that is perfect for smaller microwaves and as a travel steriliser.  It sterilises in 5-8 minutes and has enough room for two bottles and accessories like spoons and dummies.

When it arrived I got cracking straight away.  There was a warning not to overload it and I struggled to find out, on both the box and the instructions, how many bottles I was allowed to put in.  I eventually found the information on the website and followed the instructions on how to lay the bottles.  I am used to sterilisers that have specific slots for certain parts of the bottles so it did feel odd laying it out on it’s side but it allowed plenty of space to add accessories such as dummies, spoons and teethers.  The lid clicks on tightly so if you do use it to travel, you can store essentials safetly and securely knowing that it won’t open in a bag.

I poured the water in, secured the lid and popped it into the microwave for 5 minutes where it sterilised my bottles to the same standard that my steam steriliser used to.  Obviously, like all sterilisers, there is a risk of scalding if you don’t wait for it too cool down.

It is a great product that has saved us a lot of time and space.  It will come in handy when I go away and at only £9.99 it is excellent value for money especially with its multiple uses.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.

Review – Fly Thomas Cook Kids Club

Written by Lauren. Posted in Miscellaneous, Reviews

With our holiday to Nana and Pops’ house looming I started to get worried about how to entertain two babies on a three and a half hour train journey.  Spike was easy because he is a people watcher and I had no doubts that he would either eat, sleep or stare for the whole journey.  Spud on the other hand rarely sits still.  I started thinking about activities other than the portable DVD player that would keep him occupied.  Then I was sent some samples from the Fly Thomas Cook Kids Club , an online resource with downloadable and printer friendly activity sheets to keep children amused during travel.  Although they are an airline the downloadable activities are perfect for all types of journeys or even just to pass some time during the 6 week school holiday.  Even though I was sent hard copies and crayons to take with us on our holiday, I checked out the website to see what it had to offer.

It is really simple to navigate and a child could quite easily find things on there themselves to choose what they would like to take with them.  It has games including spot the difference, colour by numbers, dot to dot and a scavenger hunt.  There were also two stories called “The Ghost Island” and “The Magic Mirror.”  One thing that I loved were the flash card memory game that taught children either Spanish, Turkish or Greek.  The games were mostly recommended for ages 3-6 years but I could see older children enjoying them just as much.

Spud loved the colouring sheets even though he didn’t fully understand the concept.  I had a go at one with him and he happily sat colour the aeroplane for about 45 minutes.  It does help that he has a fascination with all things mechanical particularly planes!

I read him the stories which included pictures so they also held his attention.   Although I didn’t attempt to teach him a Foreign language the flash cards were handy for his speech.  They were simple words relevant to holidays and he loved picking them out when we played a word game with them.

Overall I think this is a brilliant idea, I did a lot of travelling as a child and have many memories of boring journeys on a plane, train and even the car.  They are a great money saver because you are entertaining your kids at just the cost of paper and ink rather than having to shell out for various activites which may not be completed or even looked at after the travelling is over.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.