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Review – Lindam Safety Toddler Bed Rail

Written by Lauren. Posted in Baby Products, Reviews

When Spike started climbing out of his cot just before Xmas we knew it was time for a bed. Reluctantly I got the toddler bed out of the garage and set it up for him. Because he shared a room with Spud and they now had matching beds the transition was extremely easy and we didn’t encounter any problems. Because his bed was so low to the ground we didn’t worry about getting a bed guard and just lay his old cot mattress on the floor next to the bed should he fall out.

For weeks he didn’t fall out. The first time he fell out was incidentally the first time that I forgot to slide the mattress out from under his bed, how’s that for Sod’s law! Falling out was still a rare occurrence and we thought we had truly cracked the whole big boy bed thing.

A “just because we love” Review – Stokke Tripp Trapp

Written by Lauren. Posted in Baby Products, Reviews

Six months ago sitting down to dinner was my least favourite time of day. I’d spend ages cooking, put their bowls in front of them and hear the words “don’t like that.” This would be followed by Spud being up and down on his chair, using his fingers and generally forgetting all table manners. With Spike being only two years old he looks to his big brother for guidance and copies EVERYTHING that he does.

You see we had previously been using a highchair that “grows” with your child but upon climbing into it, it tipped backwards and Spud only just managed to jump off before it hit the ground. He found it hilarious and I put it down to him being too boisterous when he climbed up. I decided maybe he was too old for it so handed it down to Spike and put Spud onto a normal dining chair.  About a week later the highchair tipped when Spike climbed in. He is a lot more cautious with climbing than Spud so it really shouldn’t have tipped. Luckily the hubby has super human ninja reflexes and caught Spike before he hit the wall. The highchair went to the tip.

Review – Build a Bear Workshop

Written by Lauren. Posted in Reviews, Toys

Spike has always been a fan of soft toys.  Quite often he can be found walking around with one under his arm and he sleeps with the whole cast of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every night.  Recently every time we have gone into town he has started squealing with excitement at the sight of the Build a Bear Workshop store so when we were asked if we would like to review the Build a Bear experience I couldn’t turn it down.

Review – Next Younger Boys Clothing

Written by Lauren. Posted in Miscellaneous, Reviews

When Next asked us if we would like to review from their Younger Boys clothing section I dragged Spud to the PC and told him to help me choose some new clothes for him.  I am not the biggest fan of the Next website, it is quite complicated and I often end up going around in circles but with Spud there to distract the annoyance we started browsing through.