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Project: Boy’s Bedroom

Written by Lauren. Posted in General

You may have seen that I got my creative juices flowing for Project Playroom and Project Playroom part 2. Well now I have decided to move on to the Boy’s bedroom. When Spike was born he spent two weeks in our bedroom but with his settling issues we were advised to move him into his own room (I know, I know) He still didn’t settle until we had some help from “Childcare is Fun!” when he had just turned 6 months old. Since then he has slept through every single night and naps really well during the day.

We decided to bite the bullet and put him in with Spud. We had always said we would let them share and originally decided to put them together when Spike was old enough for a bed. It then suddenly hit me that if I moved a 2 year old into a 4 year old’s bedroom there would either be a lot of fighting or a lot of messing around! We went with the concept that the earlier we did it the easier it would be. At least while Spike is pretty boring and contained in his cot there isn’t too much trouble that they can get into!

I am pleased to report that 6 weeks later it’s still great. They do wind each other up but they also keep each other company when me and the Hubby want just 5 more minutes sleep in the morning. This is how we have found Spud many a time at 7am!

Unfortunately their room is a mess. It needs decorating and it certainly needs some furniture. We are desperately trying to save up some money to replace Spud’s massive single bed with a more Spud sized bed and Spike’s cot with one that isn’t held together with cable ties. We also need a chest of drawers and lots and lots of storage! Watch this space, hopefully soon I will be able to share a really cool bedroom with you but I will leave you with a “before” photo.