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I’ve gone public and now feel the pressure!  Before, I could pretend that people weren’t reading  my babble so it was just something that I was enjoying writing but now I have “likers,” who might not even read it, I feel the need to impress!

Teething Bling UK are very kindly letting us test and review one of their products and during the initial discussion they opened my eyes to all the ways of getting my Blog out there.  I thought “what the hey, isn’t this why I started it in the first place!”

A few weeks ago I received a message on Netmums.  This is a fantastic website where you enter your area when registering and it brings up the local pages to you.  It covers everything – local activities, recipes,  buy/swap/sell as well as forums, support and a “meet a mum” section.  I first joined when we lived in Scotland, as the area we lived in was like Dodge City.  I could go out and not see another person for hours which was quite isolating especially as I was pregnant with Spud so didn’t feel comfortable going to baby groups when the baby was still a bump!  It’s been much more useful to me down south and I have met quite a few lovely people off of there.  Back to the message – I replied and we got talking only to discover that we live opposite each other and that our children go to the same crèche, at the same time, on the same day!  What a small world!  This is why I am a huge fan of the internet.  I am not one to just go and knock on a door because I have seen that the people living there have children or to randomly approach them saying “I’ve just moved in, can we be friends!”  Sites like Netmums mean that you can meet people with common interests and talk to them a bit before arranging to go for a coffee. (I feel the need to go into internet security now but I imagine everyone reading is adult enough to know the do’s and don’t of meeting strangers!)  It allows a lot of people to overcome the anxiety of meeting new people and as you have already had a few conversations, there are topics that can be discussed face to face with out the awkward shyness that often happens in new friendships.  Whilst our children were all at crèche I popped over to V’s house for a brew and a chat.  It’s nice to be finally making a few friends.  I have lived here since August 2010 and had so much going on that I neglected to get out and meet anybody.

The need to tidy and clean is very much still lingering and I keep eyeing up the ever-growing pile of baby clothes that no longer fit Spike.  I am really torn as to what to do with them.  The hubby doesn’t want any more babies so wants me to get rid of them but I am hoping I can win him around in a couple of years time.  Getting rid of them is like admitting defeat, even though a lot of them wouldn’t do a third child I have a need to hang on to them!  I have already kept the baby grow that both boys wore in their hospital photos and Spike’s tiny little snowsuit but they are more for the memories rather than to clothe another baby.  I feel that if I do free up the space in the house by giving them to charity then it will be an excuse from the hubby not to have another baby.  I can hear him now – “We have no baby stuff so it will cost a fortune again….blah blah blah!” MEN!!