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Mummy’s Boy

Written by Lauren. Posted in General

Spud, my independent little boy, gives cuddles on his terms.  If he doesn’t want a cuddle and a kiss then tears and tantrums will ensue soon after.  He has always been a child that wants to be doing his own thing and even as a baby would push himself away from me to get on with what he wanted to do.  It did make my life quite easy, I didn’t had a baby that wouldn’t leave my side and I could get on with anything without worrying about him being clingy or demanding attention.  Sometimes it made me sad, I wanted a cuddles!  Occasionally he would sit down for a nice cuddle and I would treasure those moments.  My Mum also wanted a cuddly Grandson and would irritate him something rotten forcing him to cuddle her.  As he got older cuddles became more frequent but still only when he wanted them.  Ever since he was small if he hurts himself or is in a bad mood because he is tired, then Mummy has always been his first choice.  Daddy rarely gets a look in when he is upset and even his beloved Pops plays second fiddle.  To some extent he is a Mummy’s boy.