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Our Budget Buster

Written by Lauren. Posted in General

I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard about Community Projects Carlisle.  They are a charity that help homeless and vulnerable youngsters with emergency food and housing advice.  One couple on there were the same age as me and had young kids.  He had been given shorter hours at work and they couldn’t afford to not pay bills to scrimped on their food shopping.  So much so that they ended up with no money left to eat.  With a young family to support he turned to Community Projects Carlisle.  Unfortunately they are having to make cuts because they simply can’t afford to run anymore especially due to the increased numbers of people needing help with the economy the way it is.  I agreed with everything that young man had to say.  He wasn’t living off benefits, he was working hard but he simply couldn’t stretch himself far enough.  It is easy for two adults to go without food, as long as the children can eat but it’s still not ideal and it’s certainly not a healthy lifestyle.  But there has been times in our past where the Hubby has lived off cereal for the last week of the month so I knew exactly where he was coming from.