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The Huggies PT Challenge – Daytime Dryness!

Written by Lauren. Posted in Huggies Potty Training Challenge

I haven’t blogged about Potty Training Spud for a while because it was all going pretty much the same.  When I went to stay at my parents house for three weeks we did hit a few hurdles and started getting poo hysteria.  He started having wet accidents a lot more and he would go and hide and then be devastated when he pooed in his pants, even if they were Pull Ups.

When we got home the accidents stopped and we seemed to jump that last hurdle and be well on the way to being fully potty trained.  Within  a few hours he took himself off to the potty and came to get me saying he had done a poo.  Low and behold there it sat in the potty!  He had a HUGE smile on his face and there was lots of high fives, kisses and stickers!  After that breakthrough Spud would take himself off to the toilet whenever he needed a poo.  He obviously wants privacy because he never asks me to take him, yet he will always ask me to take him for a wee.