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Review & Video – Galt Playnest

Written by Lauren. Posted in Reviews, Toys

The Galt Playnest was something that I always looked at buying but never got around to.  In hindsight, especially now that I have one, it should have been near the top of my baby must buys.  The lovely people at Galt were looking for people to review the Playnest and as Spike is at a really frustrating stage of development we jumped at the chance.  He can sit up on his own on the sofa, on our bed and in his highchair.  He even pulls himself to sitting when in his bouncer but you put him on the floor, where he truly wants to be and he becomes as floppy as a newborn!  He longs to be on the floor with his big brother because to Spike, Spud is the best thing since sliced bread.

The Galt Playnest provides plenty of support for him when he is sitting in it and also means that he can flop around without the risk of bumping his head.  It offers him a multi sensory environment with bright colours and plenty of textures to explore.  It has furry tigers, crinkly leaves and flaps for him to explore as well as a squeaky elephant.  All of which stimulate his sight, hearing and touch and contribute towards his development.

The original Galt Playnest is a circular shape so when I inflated the Jungle edition and put the cover on I had to double check that my eyes weren’t playing tricks and that it was now in fact triangular which is a definite improvement as it now offers a much better sideways support.  It is suitable from birth which would have been fantastic for us because we couldn’t really put him low in case Spud ran into him or bashed him with toys.  You simply don’t inflate it to full capacity and it provides a lovely padded area for the baby to lie.

The Galt Playnest is a huge hit in our house with both the children.  It is the first big baby toy that Spud hasn’t gotten bored of within 5 minutes and if he isn’t jumping in it as soon as I place it on the floor he is squeezing himself in with Spike.  From previous posts such as Brotherly Love and “Mummy where’s baby?” you will know that he isn’t usually keen to share with his baby brother!

We absolutely love this product and would recommend it to anyone, especially if they have an older child or pet.

Take a look at our first video review!

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