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Review – Babyglow

Written by Lauren. Posted in Baby Products, Reviews

Babies and toddlers are unable to regulate their own temperature until they are around the age of 24 months.  Spike has always been a hot baby.  When we dress him in the morning and for bed we tend to put on one less layer than what Spud wears and then we know that he won’t overheat!  When the lovely people at Babyglow asked us to review one of their sleep suits, I jumped at the chance.

Babyglow develops and produces sleep suits and sleeping bags (not yet available to purchase) that change colour the moment your baby gets too hot. They then change back to their original colour when your baby has reached its normal body temperature again. Babyglow are known as “baby’s first emergency service” because their product immediately draws your attention to a problem.

Our Babyglow sleep suit arrived just in time!  The boys and I all came down with a virus and the day that his sleep suit arrived his temperature was up to 38°.  When he has had a temperature I worry a lot when he is in his cot because I wouldn’t be there should it get high enough to cause a febrile convulsion.  With the Babyglow sleep suit all I had to do was pop my head around his door rather than disturb him by putting my hand down his back or thermometer in his ear whilst he sleeps.  Every sleep suit also comes with a room thermometer and head thermometer because prevention is often the key so keeping a babies room at the recommended temperature will help to prevent overheating due to external factors such as too much bedding.

As we were getting the boy things prepared for bed we got the sleep suit out for a little play.  I was shocked by how soft it was because I expected it to be affected by the technology that it contains.  It felt just as soft and comfortable as a standard cotton baby sleep suit.  I also decided to test its prime feature.

We chose 9-12 month size as Spike is a big boy for 7 months and lots of places size differently.  The Babyglow sleep suit provided lots of growing room for him.  They come in 3 colours: Pink, Blue and Green as well as various sizes from birth right up until 18 months.

Overall a brilliant product, the only downside for me is that as Spike often sleeps in a sleeping bag  I wouldn’t immediately see a colour change in the first places that that the colour change would occur. (Usually the tummy, back and neck)  The sleeping bags that Babyglow are currently preparing to bring onto the market would be a more suitable product for us.  However when the weather is hotter and when he has been ill we do tend to just use a blanket so on those days it is the perfect product.  The RRP is £29.95 for a pack of two but it’s a small price to pay for this level of reassurance.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.