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Dummies for the Baby Elves

Written by Lauren. Posted in General

For the past two weeks at around 3am Spud has wandered into my bedroom and woken me up with the words “mummy I lost my doedee.”  Upon inspection his dummies were either on his pillow or thrown under Spike’s cot.  Spud is a player.  Yesterday it was my birthday so I was quite looking forward to a nice sleep and generous lie in but Spud woke at 5, woke Spike up and then came asking for his dummy.  When only one of them is awake it’s easy to get them back to sleep but when both are awake it’s impossible.  They find it absolutely hilarious to wind each other up, throw toys at each other and make a hell of a lot of noise.  After 7.30am it’s cute at 5am it’s just wrong.  We decided that enough was enough – the dummies had to go.