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Review – Unibond Humidity Absorber

Written by Lauren. Posted in Miscellaneous, Reviews

There is one thing that I hate about the Summer and that’s humidity.  Coming upstairs to put the children to bed and walking in to a stifling room even though a fan has been running with open windows for hours prior to bedtime.  For the past 3 years I have tried to get their bedroom to a comfortable temperature for them but even then the humidity just makes it horrible.  When I was asked to review the Unibond Humidity Absorber I wanted to jump at the chance knowing how handy it would be in the summer but considered it to be totally the wrong time of year.

Thinking Slimmer – The Chocoholic Cure

Written by Lauren. Posted in Health & Beauty, Reviews, Thinking Slimmer

A few weeks ago I wrote a post introducing you to Thinking Slimmer.  It has been 21 days since I started my Chocoholics Slimpod which claimed it would cure my chocolate addiction.  I will admit I was sceptical.  I ate chocolate like it went out of fashion.  I would go to a shop and spend roughly £5 a time and eat it in a day, even though sometimes it didn’t get close to satisfying the craving.

About 10 days after starting the Slimpod I realised that I hadn’t eaten any chocolate for a couple of days and that I had a bag of M&M’s in my bedroom that had been there for over 24 hours.  It was a bit of a shock so I reached for the M&M’s to calm myself down.  After about 2 mouthfuls I sealed the bag and put them in my drawer.  I have never not finished chocolate but I just didn’t fancy it.  That bag of M&M’s lasted me 5 days.

At around about day 17 my Mum mentioned to me that I had lost a fair bit of weight so I should go and weigh myself.  I stepped hesitantly onto the scales and looked down.  I nearly fell off them!  In 17 days I had lost a whopping 11lb!  After I had Spud the weight I had gained did just fall off but with Spike I had remained the same weight that I was the day after he was born.  I think the sheer amount of calories I was eating through chocolate were counteracting my bodies natural ability to shed baby weight and now that I am not binge eating every night it has started to get rid of the excess weight I was carrying.

I do still eat chocolate.  Yesterday I ate a Yorkie.  But I ate one Yorkie not three and I enjoyed it.

I love my Slimpod and I know that I may need to re-listen to it in the future if I start to slip but for now I am able to go to sleep without headphones in and still not binge on chocolate every day.

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