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Introducing the Brand New Interactive Chelsea FC Museum

Written by Lauren. Posted in General

As a huge Chelsea FC fan the Hubby has spent most of his life following his beloved team, he even has their old crest tattooed on his arm.  I have banned all Chelsea Memorabilia from the main rooms in the house but his study (of which I have a tiny corner) is wall to wall Chelsea.  His baby name list was full of names like Frank, John and Dennis, all of which were vetoed and I compromised by naming the rabbit Zola although his condition for trying for a girl is that she is to be named Chelsea.  He has always been keen to get his boys into Chelsea and both have mini kits.  The look on the hubby’s face when Spud first said the word “Chelsea” was priceless, I don’t think I’ve seen him so proud.

  It could be safe to say that he lives, breathes, sleeps (we have the duvet cover) Chelsea.