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Thinking Slimmer

Written by Lauren. Posted in Thinking Slimmer

After I wrote Realisation I spent a few days really down about my body.  I used to be really lucky and be able to eat anything without gaining but then age and babies do a lot to you.  I was pointed in the direction of Thinking Slimmer.  They help you to lose weight naturally without an exercise plan or diet in place, just with a change of attitude and eating habits.  It takes ten minutes a day (when you are in bed no less!) and within 21 days most people see the effects.

I decided to give it a go and was contacted to talk about what plan would best suit me.  Now I am a chocolate fiend.  I could quite happily eat nothing but chocolate even if sometimes it doesn’t satisfy my craving.  I will put to kids to bed and then leave the baby monitor with the Hubby so that I can go out and get my fix.  If he is at work and I can’t go and get any, I feel extreme disappointment.  It’s so bad that sometimes when he has been working I have walked with the boys to the shop before their bedtime, to stock up for my evening!  I have noticed recently that I am suffering from the bad side effects of chocolate – the sugar levels peaking and dropping, mood swings and of course weight gain.  So it was decided that perhaps I should try the Chocoholics Slimpod to start with and nip that bad habit in the bud.

I received my complimentary Chillpod and immediately gave it a quick listen to see what I was up against.  Trevor, the voice of Slimpod, certainly knows how to get you listening.  He has one of those voices that you just can’t block out, you just have to listen to every word that it is saying!  I started on it at bedtime last night and truly felt myself relaxing which is a huge bonus because I usually get into bed and start thinking.  Every worry pops into my head just as I am trying to get to sleep.  I will be starting on my Chocoholics Slimpod tonight which I am really torn about!  The addict inside me is telling me that I will miss chocolate, that I shouldn’t do it because we NEED chocolate but I am determined that my husband willpower will win and I will put those headphones in and press play when I get into bed!

Wish me luck everyone, here is to the start of my 21 days!


Written by Lauren. Posted in General

This week I have realised two things.
  1. I need to stop baking.
  2. I need to start a proper exercise regime.
My new found love for baking has taken it’s toll on my waistline,  the Hubby isn’t a big fan of cakes and Spud will eat half of one every couple of days.  That means that I have had to consume the remainder of the 24 piece batch to prevent them from going stale.  Of course I had to eat them because there was no way I was throwing my masterpieces in the bin! I put on some jeans the other day which two weeks ago had some space in.  They were a little snug.  I can also see in the mirror that I have gained weight and I have taken to looking away rather than facing the problem head on.  To look at, I am not what most people would define as over weight.  However these people don’t see me naked and it’s amazing what you can hide with the right clothes.  I am also very tall so carry weight well and look slimmer than I really am. I used to look like this:         Now I look like this (it has taken a lot for me to post this photo!):         I didn’t really lose my baby weight after I had Spud, I was back into pre-pregnancy jeans when he was 5 days old so I think in my head decided that I didn’t need to make an effort and that it would all fall off or I’d tackle it when i was running around after a toddler.  The next thing I know he’s over a year old and I still have ‘problem’ areas.  I was literally signing my name on the sheet of paper for exercise classes when I found out I was pregnant with Spike.  My pregnancy with him involved food and lots of it.  I gained over 3 stone with him due to the fact that i spent 7 months constantly stuffing my face. I am a self confessed queen of lazy.  I’d rather sit on my arse watching rubbish TV, eating than jump around in front of the Xbox especially after a whole day of looking after the boys.  I did start Zumba about 3 months ago but recently I’ve fallen into the “I really can’t be bothered” trap.  I know that something needs to be done, I am unhappy and I am ashamed of my body, it’s given me two children but I know it can look better than it does.  I shy away when I’m getting undressed and blush if the hubby so much as looks at my tummy.  I daren’t step on the scales and I am dreading seeing my mum as she isn’t one to hide the truth to spare my feelings. Today was a bit of a smack in the face when I got the double pram out for the first time in about a month and attempted to push a 30lb toddler and a 20lb baby up hill.  I struggled like mad and was actually embarrassed when I had to stop and have a break.  I know that exercise will not only help me to look better but that it will help me to feel better as well.  However I now just need to find some proper motivation!