The Kiddicare Sleep Diary

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For the past month I have been recording mine and Dot’s sleep and moods as part of the Kiddicare Sleep Survey for the Kiddicare Blog.  Within the first week I noticed that even though I thought that Dot didn’t sleep a lot she actually slept a fair bit!  She has always been very good at knowing day from night and settles really well after a feed at night but a few weeks ago she started waking every 90 minutes or so at night – after A LOT of tears from me because I was so exhausted I decided to stop breastfeeding and immediately we noticed a rigid routine from her.


Review – Fisher Price Feeding Range

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With Dot approaching 6 months old we have started thinking about weaning.  When she was still breastfed I was advised to try weaning her to see if that would help with her fussiness.  We tried some baby porridge and she gobbled it down.  I assumed from this that she was ready for weaning so went out and bought every Ella’s Kitchen pouch available and packs of baby spoons.  As if they knew I then received an email from Fisher Price offering us products from their new feeding range to review.


Spud’s Lego Obsession

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Last year we bought Spud a big box of Lego for his birthday.  He liked to play with it but wasn’t quite old enough to use his imagination to make his own creations.  He soon got bored with the little instruction booklet that it came with and it mainly say untouched in the living room.  When shopping for Christmas I came across little box sets in the sale so grabbed two for their stockings.

On Christmas Day we all sat there in awe as Spud successfully complete both his and Spike’s within a matter of minutes.  His interest was sparked and he kept asking to play with the Lego and for help building things.  When my mum came for half term she bought with her some belated Christmas money from my grandma and we headed off to the toy shop.  Spud immediately chose Lego.