Butlins Minehead – Day 2

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Cor blimey, what a busy day!  It is only 8pm but all 4 adults are desperate for the boys to go to sleep so that we can follow soon afterwards!


We all slept well but I will say that it’s a good job I love the Hubby because our bed dips in the middle meaning we were forced to sleep touching each other!  The problems yesterday were dealt with swiftly and we had batteries for the remote hand delivered at 9.30pm last night!  We are very impressed by the customer service and skeptical readers may think “oh well you’re a blogger of course they are” but the team here weren’t made aware of that fact prior to our arrival.  We were a little bit worried upon arrival about how close we were to the neighbours with the Silver Bungalows being one long building split into 19 separate accommodations  but we haven’t heard a peep from either side.  The Silver Bungalow is also a very good size considering it is housing 7 of us and bar the carpets to start with, it is very clean.  We have everything that we need in the kitchen including a cooker, kettle, fridge and microwave.  It was also stocked with complimentary coffee and tea as well as a dish cloth and tea towel.  There is an iron, an ironing board and a hair dryer so you only have to bring the essentials.  We also found out that we are parked in the proper car park for our accommodation so we have no idea why they wouldn’t let my parents into that car park yesterday!

Butlins Minehead – Day 1

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So half term is upon us and we have packed our car and shot up the M5 to Minehead for a 4 night break in Butlins as one of their Ambassadors.  Rather than write a stupidly long post at the end of the break, having forgotten most of what has happened in a super busy week, I have decided to write a post a day for the length of the break.

Review – Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

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Having two boisterous big brothers it is not always practical for Dot to be on the floor, no matter how much she wants to be down there joining in!  The Boys are generally very good with her but can forget or kick a limb out a little too far and near misses are a plenty.  We tried having her in a Bumbo and a  M&P Snug but she never seemed comfortable.  Both saw her hunched over and I didn’t like how much pressure appeared to be on her tummy.

When Fisher-Price told me that they were bringing out a Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat that was designed for babies to be upright and able to see and interact with the world around them I was intrigued and delighted to be offered one to review.