Back to reality

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Half term is over so we are back into a decent routine.  Spud was back to Creche and he practically ran there!!  It’s nice to have a few toddler free hours a week to get the housework done, it means I can play with the boys instead of trying to busy them with something so that I can crack on.  Usually whatever I am doing Spud wants to help with which isn’t such a good thing when bleach and a toilet brush are involved! Unfortunately for the housework my new pram arrived so me and Spike spent the time putting it together and testing it out.  I’d like to say he was giggling because he was pleased that we got it for him but i think it was more because I was beaming with excitement and he picked up on it!  He did fall asleep very easily in it which is very unlike him recently so it must be nice and comfy. We walked up to collect Spud but that was our only outing with it so a review will follow after a little bit more use. We are doing the Sainsburys “Feed your family for £50” thing at the moment which is actually really good for us.  We were stuck in a food rut and ate the same meals over and over so now eat something different every night and so far its all been REALLY yummy!  We are also having exciting lunches rather than just boring ham or cheese sarnies!  Tonight we had Tuna Pasta bake which is one of my least favourite meals.  It was full of flavour and Spud ate loads which he doesn’t often do with new meals so all in all it was a success. The novelty of new words still hasn’t worn off for the hubby and I.  Spud pointed at our dinner and shouted “tomato” which totally took us by surprise, we both just beamed at each other and congratulated Spud on how much of a genius he is! It’s been a pretty typical day, bar the pram delivery.  Spike learnt to jump in the jumperoo which is hilarious, he looks so proud of himself as he’s bopping along chuckling away.  He’s also started shuffling backwards when he’s on his back by pushing up with his legs, this scares me!  I am quite happy with him being where I left him – a toddler AND a crawler only screams recipe for disaster!

Bleurgh what a weekend!!

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Saturday was an absolutely glorious day, it was so so hot. Spud has never really been bothered by the heat but even he was suffering. Spike on the other hand is an extremely hot baby so add scorching temperatures and a house like a sauna and it’s a recipe for a very unhappy baby! He refused to sleep for most of the day and didn’t want to be held either so in turn spent most of the day crying. Its horrible when there is nothing you can do for them! Spud spoke to Nana and Pops on Skype who in his words have “Gone Matt’s plane to Nexus with the boycows moooo!” Roughly translated as they have gone to Texas on a plane to see my brother and some cowboys! Then I was struck by the dreaded tummy bug that has been doing its rounds. I have never felt so rough in my life! I’m glad the hubby wasn’t at work as I don’t know how today would have panned out if he was! I spent most of the day in bed listening to the boys playing up for Daddy with a little sense of happiness! He never believes me that they can be little devils when he comes home to find the house a tip and me tearing my hair out! They never take it in turns to be little monsters, if they are going to do it they do it together! Thankfully it’s not that often and most of the time they are total angels! On a side note I have a new pram coming this week! It “should” be my last because it’s the one ive wanted since Spud was tiny. I’ve saved up countless times but always found another use for the money. Then the hubby decided that he hates all the prams we have and would quite like a new one, who was I to say no?! So hopefully tomorrow i should be the proud owner of a Jane Slalom Reverse in colourway “green valley” – EEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!

Review – Easywalker Duowalker Sky

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After what felt like an age of searching for the “perfect” double, my friend recommended the Easywalker Duowalker Sky (aka Easywalker Duo, Easywalker Duowalker or the updated Easywalker Duo Plus)  It meant that I could have the best of both worlds.  I have a full-sized seat that my larger than average toddler, not only fitted in but was comfortable and a carrycot for my newborn.  So many others on the market are designed in such a way that there has to be a compromise.  The Easywalker Duo enables you to have seats, carrycots or car seats in different combinations depending on the ages of the children.  Two types of car seat adapters are available one for Maxi-Cosi and one universal one which fits a range of branded seats on. Naturally as soon as it arrived it was unpacked and taken on a “test drive.”  Straight away I loved it. It has 4 air-filled tyres which make it so unbelievably easy to push.  I live in a very hilly area and considering the combined weight of the system and my children is 45kg it glides along with ease.  Each wheel comes off with the simple push/pull of a button.  The front wheels can be locked into position for rougher terrain but also have a 360° swivel which makes for extremely easy manoeuvrability.  I have never had problems doing a complete U-turn in a shop which was something I had dreaded when looking at side by sides. The suspension is fantastic and the children have a very comfortable ride, even over rough terrain.  Spike would always sleep in the carrycot, even just the 10 minute walk to crèche would have him catching some z’s within minutes of leaving the house. Spud sleeps like an angel in this pram which has been a challenge since he was old enough to be nosey. The brake is easy to apply/disengage and very strong.  I’ve had the pushchair on a very steep hill with the break on whilst I caught my breath and it didn’t even hint at moving. The basket is spacious but can be tricky to access especially if the seats are reclined.  It has zips to extend the front down but I do have to really crouch down and reach under to put anything in.  It does hold an awful lot of stuff but the space can be limited if you need to take the raincover with you as that doesn’t fold down that small.  The raincover is strong but isn’t a perfect fit.  I struggled whatever way I tried to put it on and ended up ripping one of the bottom velcro tabs as I pulled on it too hard.  It could do with a couple of extra inches for it to fit how it is meant to.  I also found that if you use a carrycot you are supposed to buy a separate raincover.  I didn’t as I knew I wouldn’t be using it for long enough to justify the cost.  The one supplied does cover both the carrycot and seat but you have to strategically place it so that it doesn;t have any gaps to let rain in. Both seats fully recline to almost totally flat,   The 4 position recline can be fiddly as it is done with zips and you have to go past parts of the frame to fully undo the zip.  Also if Spud is leaning on the seat when I want to sit it up I have 30lb of toddler to contend with!  Spike moved into the seat part at 5 months and I am very happy with his positioning and he looks very comfortable.  I personally don’t like newborns in full-sized seats but with the brilliant recline and the comfortable seats I probably would have used it for a newborn if I didn’t have the carrycot.  The bumper bar seems a little bit low and Spud often pushes his knees into it but it’s not a massive issue. I was really impressed with the carrycot.  It looks quite small as double carrycots tend to be skinnier but, as I said before, Spike was able to stay in it until he was just over 5 months and he is big for his age. (see pic)  It is comfortable and very easy to fit to the chassis.  Carry handles in the hood and on the base make it very easy to lift when it’s not on the chassis.  It came with its own raincover, mosi net, mattress and blanket. The hoods are independent from each other and both have UV sun canopies that fold down.  This is great for Spike but Spud gets annoyed that it blocks his view.  They also have windows to peek down and see the children in their seats.  They have a cover that can be tied back or velcro so that they don’t flap about. The handle extends to a great height.  At 5’11” I have it on the middle setting.  If I were to lock it straight up it goes up to my chest!  But it also locks low enough to enable my two-year old to push.  It has a wrist strap attached the handle for safety which I do use when going down steep hills.  It would definitely benefit from a hand brake! There is no doubt that this pushchair looks HUGE.  When you push it, it feels a lot smaller than it looks and i have had no problems whatsoever in shops that I didn’t have with a single.  At only 75cm wide it is one of the slimmest on the market.  It fits nicely on the bus and although I am yet to brave the train with two children I know that it fits on there as well.  However this brings me to its one major flaw.  It doesn’t collapse small at all.  It fills my Laguna estate boot with little room for anything else.  It is also very heavy and awkward to carry when it’s folded. They are made in a variety of colours. In Red this gets a lot of attention.  I am constantly being stopped and told how gorgeous it is and how people have never seen anything like it before.  There are a wide range of accessories available.  I have one footmuff which I love.  You can remove the front and use it as a lovely, soft, fleecy liner.  It’s also a very good size.  Spud is a tall boy and often fills footmuffs so I was very impressed that he fitted with room to grow. Overall it is a fantastic system.  It suited my needs perfectly and although it is big and heavy when it’s folded that was the compromise that I was more than willing to make so that both my boys had a comfortable ride. It has had some changes made to it for the 2011 Easywalker Duo Plus which look promising for an already great pushchair.  It’s lighter, has a more compact fold and now has ribbed seat fabric for ventilation.  It also has improved easy fit connectors and a new breaking system. The Easywalker Duo Plus has an RRP of £649.00 for the pushchair and £150.00 for a single carrycot but if you shop around you will find lots of “travel system” deals.
I was not asked by Easywalker to write a review. The product was purchased with my own money. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.

Just another blogging noob

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I may as well start by introducing myself and my intentions for my blog. I’m Lauren – a 24-year-old stay at home mummy to Spud who is 2 and Spike who is 5 months.  My days are spent with my two gorgeous boys and I am so lucky that I get to watch every second of them growing up. This blog will mainly be about our day-to-day lives and the development of the boys, I take an endless amount of photographs so no doubt will feature some of them along the way. Since having the boys (and the recession hitting) I have started to research products a lot more before buying them to make sure they are exactly what we want and need, this blog will no doubt have some sort of reviews pop up every now and then.  I LOVE pushchairs: I am somewhat of a “buggy whore” and constantly bore my husband/friends/anybody with ears with news of the latest releases and spend endless hours dropping hints that we NEEEEEEED said pushchair! Anywho I think I have outlined my main intentions, I hope that you enjoy my ramblings 🙂