Meet Spud

Spud entered the world in March 2009 a whopping 47 hours after the first contraction.  According to the “experts” his labour was only seven and a half hours long – what do they know!  He was quickly nicknamed Spud due to how much his little bald head resembled a potato.


He settled in relatively quickly and lulled us all into a false sense of security by settling into a 4 hourly routine and sleeping through at 6 weeks old.  He was a model baby hitting his milestones ahead of the recommended age and became an independent little man very quickly.  You only had to show him something once and he would do it, or at least try whilst refusing help.


We hit a huge hurdle where food was involved after a Health Visitor scared me into thinking he was starving when he started waking up during the night at about 7 months.  It became almost an obsession where I was force feeding the poor little fella until he started to refuse food altogether.  The Hubby worked away for most of Spud’s first year so it was just me, a first time mum worrying at the smallest things with Spud taking the brunt of it all.


By 11 months he was walking and getting into everything.  We had moved in with my parents to be a bit closer to the Hubby’s job and my dad (aka Pops) soon became Spud’s hero.  To this day they are as thick as thieves and you won’t find one without the other when we go and visit.


After turning one Spud’s cheekiness seemed to evolve.  Every week he would get more and more cheeky and we would often see him sport a huge cheeky grin, flashing his blonde hair and twinkling his blue eyes at any woman within a 2 metre vicinity, flirting his way into their hearts.  He certainly learnt quickly how to wrap people around his little finger!


When he hit 21 months Spike was born.  At the hospital he loved him.  I had been SO worried but it all disappeared when I saw how interested and happy he was with his baby brother.

133099_10150129982179305_7353703_o (1)

Yeah that didn’t last. I then spent the next 6 months torn between two children. He wasn’t obviously jealous, he didn’t lash out of anything, he just didn’t want anything to do with this invader that I had bought home. I used to see him sneakily giving affection when he thought nobody was looking. Trying to get a photograph of the two of them together became one of my life missions, there was always one of them scowling or running away at the last minute.


When Spud turned 3 everything seemed to change. He suddenly started talking properly, which most days is a blessing, and he started to like his brother. I think deep down he always liked him but he suddenly realised Spike was cool – he was a play mate that could be bossed around! Now they have a fantastic relationship and if Spike is having a nap Spud always asks where he is and says that he misses him. They are affectionate to each other without me asking and spend all day making each other laugh whilst getting into mischief (plotting against me more like!)


He is just as cheeky but now with words added so has us all laughing on a daily basis.  He is strong willed, loving, funny, caring, stubborn and so smart that I can see us having our work cut out in a few years time.  Before my eyes he is fast becoming a little boy and I love how amazed I am every time he does something new.

That’s what I have to say, this is Spud’s version: