Meet Spike

Spike was born in December 2010 after a 4 hour and 22 minute labour (a lot keener to enter the world than his brother was!)  He was given the nickname Spike due to his soft, fluffy, spikey brown hair that shocked us all when he was born.


Spike is known as our  culture shock – Spud was such an easy baby that he made us think it was a good idea to do it again.  Enter Spike.  From day one we realised that we hadn’t been blessed with a super baby again, he was in fact a normal baby.  One that didn’t sleep, didn’t want to be put down, pooped as soon as you put a clean nappy on him suffered from every baby ailment that you can think of.  With Spud we didn’t have to visit the Dr for anything other than development checks until he was 16 months old, Spike practically lived at our Dr’s Surgery for the first six months.  From reflux, to cradle cap, to constant colds and a suspected Torticollis, you name it Spike had it.  The suspected Torticollis turned out to just be an abnormally large head and the advice we were given was to “wait for his body to catch up!”


I really do feel like I blinked and missed Spike’s early months.  He wasn’t as physically advanced as Spud so easy to think he was younger than he actually was but I will never forget the look of realisation on Spud’s face when Spike started moving.  There was no longer any escape!

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Spike is my total mummy’s boy.  He is so cuddly and loving, he will sit for ages just cuddling and looking into my eyes but anyone else gets a 5 minute job.  If I’m around no one else is good enough.  He can be VERY jealous and if Spud is having a cuddle will certainly let everyone know he isn’t happy about it!  He has always been an extremely happy baby and is always smiling and throwing out proper heart melting giggles but can throw an epic tantrum if he needs to.  He tends to get away with a lot purely because he is so stubborn that I have to give in before he makes himself sick.  I know I baby him and spoil more than I ever did with Spud but when you look into his big blue eyes you will see why!


He loves to make people laugh and is a total charmer, shaking his booty to get a giggle whenever there is a chance and fluttering his eye lashes at anyone with a smile for him.  He has most awesome little face which make him pull the funniest expressions.


He cracks us up every single day with his expressions and ways of doing things.  He absolutely LOVES to dance and the slightest little beat gets him going.  He’s also very neat and tidy.  I have no idea where he gets that from because it certainly isn’t me!  He goes around picking up after everybody even if you don’t want him to, don’t put a cup of tea down in our house because he’ll have it in the sink before you have a chance to get over half way through it!  Lets hope that’s a quality that sticks!


He totally idolises his big brother and looks at him with such love that it makes me squeak.  It also means that he copies everything that Spud does and you can see where he is learning everything from!  They play a round robin where one does something they shouldn’t and gets told off so the other does it.  The other gets told off and the original robin starts again which makes them both laugh their heads off at me whilst I’m trying to discipline them.  I know it’s only going to get worse and fear I may move out when they are teenagers and out causing all sorts of trouble together!


He’s smart and you can see him absorbing all the information around him and then giving it a little try.    His words are coming through thick and fast and hearing“I love you mama” all the time just makes me want to squish him.

That’s what I think, here are Spike’s thoughts