Review – Fisher Price Feeding Range

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With Dot approaching 6 months old we have started thinking about weaning.  When she was still breastfed I was advised to try weaning her to see if that would help with her fussiness.  We tried some baby porridge and she gobbled it down.  I assumed from this that she was ready for weaning so went out and bought every Ella’s Kitchen pouch available and packs of baby spoons.  As if they knew I then received an email from Fisher Price offering us products from their new feeding range to review.


Review & Giveaway – Tidy Books Book Box

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The second product that we received as a Tidy Books Ambassador is the Tidy Books Book Box.  Made from sustainable wood and finished with water lacquer the Tidy Books Book Box is extremely well made.  It was designed by mum of two and Tidy Books founder Géraldine who said:

“I noticed that in most living rooms there’s a box with a few favourite children’s books. Again kids can’t see the covers, so usually drag them all out.  I wanted something that would work for the whole family; books of any shape and size, magazines etc!  Kids seem to love these next to their bed as well.” 

She isn’t wrong.  The boys had a couple of shelves in their bedroom with books on and when it came to reading them every single book ended up being pulled onto the floor which then started the arguments about who would tidy them up.  With that in mind I was sure they would love the Tidy Books Book Box.

Review – Breastvest

Written by Lauren. Posted in Baby Products, Reviews

Breastfeeding has introduced me to a whole new world of problems.  For one I have to choose wisely every morning what top I will wear so that I have easy access to feed her whenever she shouts and I also have to think about where I will be that day to dress accordingly.  At home I can just whip a boob out without a care in the world but if I am going to be feeding in public I have all sorts to think about.  Will I expose too much boob?  Is there a high possibility of nip slip? Will my tummy be on show?  Can I be subtle enough to not get ANY attention at all?  It’s a minefield.

Review – Sock Ons & Dribble Ons

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Dot has mainly been dressed in outfits that require tights.  Little dresses and tunics are extremely cute but there was a big pile of one piece outfits and leggings going to waste, all because I can’t stand baby socks.  They are always really baggy and the few times that we did put them on her, all it took was her feet being under a blanket for them to slide off and disappear.  Enter Sock Ons.