Review – Marvel USB Key

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Occasionally I get to review things that are for me and it gets me very excited.  To feed my superhero addiction I immediately jumped at the chance to review an 8gb Marvel USB key.  There are 4 Avengers to choose from and two Classic Marvel in the shape of Spiderman and Wolverine.  All 6 of them come in a choice of 4gb or 8gb data capacity.

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Review – Next Younger Boys Clothing

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When Next asked us if we would like to review from their Younger Boys clothing section I dragged Spud to the PC and told him to help me choose some new clothes for him.  I am not the biggest fan of the Next website, it is quite complicated and I often end up going around in circles but with Spud there to distract the annoyance we started browsing through.


Happy Christmas from Warner Bros.

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Christmas is a time for chilling out with family, eating a lot of food and generally spreading the love.  One huge Christmas tradition for a lot of people is sitting down as a family and watching movies.  Every Christmas as a child I watched Mary Poppins on the TV despite owning it on VHS and so many movies have become such classics that they frequently appear in the listings every year.

In keeping with the movie tradition, Warner Bros. sent us a box of goodies to wish us a very Merry Christmas.  As well as a cute stocking filled with snowflakes, chocolate and candy canes we received The Polar Express for the Boys, the action filled Dark Knight Rises and the feel good film New Years Eve.

Review – Bassbuds Classics

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I have always been a big music fan and one thing that I miss since having kids is walking somewhere or sitting on public transport with my headphones in losing myself in some good tunes.  I take the opportunity whenever it is presented to me even if it means only listening to two songs as I walk to Nursery to pick Spike up.