Review – Teething Bling

Written by Lauren. Posted in Baby Products, Health & Beauty, Reviews

We were lucky enough to be sent a Teething Bling pendant from Smart Mum UK for Spike to test on his sore gums now that we have hit the dreaded teething stage.

When I saw the postman coming up the path with a packet in his hand, I literally jumped off the sofa to snatch it from him! From agreeing to review it to it actually being in my house only about 48 hours had passed so I was very impressed by their dispatch and delivery time. I ripped open the padded jiffy bag and came face to face with an absolutely gorgeous Organza bag with the pendant tucked neatly inside. I half expected it to be floating around in the bag but it was presented neatly in a folded cardboard case decorated with information about the product.

Teething Bling was created because so many mothers can no longer wear jewellery due to the grabbing, tugging and pulling that comes with having a baby. The jewellery that they create not only looks like you could buy it in a high street clothing store but it also superb quality. On first glance it looks like it would be a hard material but when you get one in your hands they are soft and smooth to touch. They are made from the same silicone as most teething toys and are non-toxic, BPA, PVC, phthalate, lead and latex free. One thing that really impressed me when reading the literature that I received (that can also be found on their website) was how safety conscious the company are. The are CPSIA compliant and carry the CE mark which means they have had to pass the strict European safety tests. On top of that they do quarterly tests on every part of the product to ensure that they are still absolutely safe for use by our little people.

I immediately put the necklace on and Spud, who has a whole mouth full of teeth so therefore doesn’t require a teething product, came over to see why I was so excited. Naturally I let him have a go and since then have had to fight with him to let me have it back! He likes nothing more than walking around wearing his new necklace. He has nibbled on it a few times and it has coped really well with his sharp gnashers. Normally I wouldn’t let my two year old walk around with something around his neck but the safety “breakaway” clasp is brilliant. When Spike tugs on it it doesn’t come apart but if Spud has a go with a little more strength it breaks away easily. I had been worried that testing a necklace would mean the back of my neck would suffer from the tugging but the necklace itself is a soft, silky cord that is delicate to the skin whilst a 6 month old is pulling on it.

The length of the cord means that the necklace is fashionable and that Spike can have a good old chomp whilst I’m carrying him, straight away he went for it and it fits perfectly in his little hand and mouth. He loves to fiddle with the cord and rub it between his fingers. He become so taken by it that sometimes if im not holding him then I take it off for him to have a play with. Shouting at our dinner time is one of his favourite pass times and quite stressful when trying to deal with a toddler and eat my own dinner at the same time. I gave him his Teething Bling and had the first quiet, uninterrupted meal that I have had for a long time!

As somebody who hasn’t wore jewellery for over 2 years it did feel nice to be making my outfit a little prettier and Teething Bling does fit with most outfit choices. There are a vast amount of colours to choose from and some of them make the necklace look really quite smart. I dress casual more than anything else so chose a lovely blue one called “Cotton Candy.”

Overall Teething Bling are a fantastic, safe idea and at only £12.95 they don’t break the bank. They aren’t that much more than standard teethers and will work out cheaper in the long run as it won’t get lost because you wear it! Teething Bling also sell bangles in the same colours for £8.95 or you can buy a “Gift set” of both for £19.95. They would make a lovely gift to give a mummy friend and the presentation gives a wow factor on opening.

The only 2 problems that I found were, firstly when I leant over to change nappies it was yanked on making my head awfully close to what my son had left me in his nappy but I soon overcame it by either popping the clasp and giving it to him or swinging it around my back so that he couldn’t grab hold of it. Secondly my two year old loves it that much that I don’t often get a look in!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.