The Bugaboo Cameleon³ – The Iconic Stroller. Even Better.

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In May I hop footed it over to Amsterdam for a sneak peak of a very secret new product from Bugaboo.  All I knew was that it was a brand new product and I had to sign an embargo promising not to breathe a word.  The people that I work with at Bugaboo were keeping very tight lipped and were anticipating my reaction when the man behind Bugaboo, Max Barenbrug, was to reveal all.

Unfortunately in my excited state the Creative Design Director, Aernout Dijkstra-Hellinga, let slip that it was going to be a stroller so I spent the next few minutes speculating about what it could be!  A whole new design?  An updated Donkey?  A 4th version of the Bee?  I decided that it had to be the Bee because during the tour they made a huge deal about how this is the Summer for promoting the Urban qualities of the Bugaboo Bee.  I was pleasantly surprised when the curtains were drawn and I was faced with the stunning Bugaboo Cameleon³.

Bugaboo Says BOO!

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A few weeks ago I received this video from Bugaboo.

I was left with a feeling of great anticipation.  Was a new pushchair, that had been kept a massive secret, about to be released?  Were Bugaboo going to surprise us with another gorgeous colour choice to add to their recent Colour Injection range?  I didn’t have to wait long because the day before Spud’s birthday I received another video.

The Bugaboo Spring/Summer 2012 Accessories

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On Spud’s birthday he received a card from the wonderful people at Bugaboo and with it came a fantastic press pack for me.  Inside it revealed the ins and outs of their fab new Spring /Summer 2012 accessories which I was just dying to tell everyone about but I was sworn to secrecy!  I don’t do secrets well so I explored the press pack, I felt the material samples, fell in love with the colour sample of the seat liner, stuck the poster on the wall and sampled the handy lip balm.  One thing I didn’t do was open the flash drive.  If the samples were anything to go by I just knew I wouldn’t be able to resist hitting the share button on the images.  How right I was!