Dot’s Gender Scan – The Results!

Written by Lauren. Posted in Pregnancy

So we headed off to get our rescan today and I thought I was going prepared.  I had a full bladder and had just eaten lunch, this baby was going to play ball.


Well being a child of mine, of course it decided to be stubborn and not show us a thing.  Dot’s bum was wedged down low, even though my bladder was full and it had its lets crossed at the ankle and pulled back to cover the goodies.  After a good 15 minutes of prodding, poking, jumping and hip wriggling the feet were still firmly crossed and hiding what we needed to see.  I can tell you Dot has lovely feet and we were even able to count 10 toes!

Dot’s Gender – The results aren’t in!

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So we went for our Gender scan today.  I woke up at 6am really nervous but couldn’t work out if it was the impending scan or the fact that I was having my wisdom tooth taken out at 10.30am!  The morning sailed by with the tooth extraction only taking a very painless 5 minutes and I excitedly counted down the hours until the scan.


What’s your flavour?!

Written by Lauren. Posted in General, Pregnancy

I’m not going to go all Craig David on you, it’s a question I have been asking Dot for weeks now.  We have (finally) hit 16 weeks and tomorrow we are going to have a private scan to tell us Dot’s gender!

It’s the question on everyone’s lips.  Pink or blue?  Brother or sister? Sparkle or Sparrow?