Pregnancy – Weeks 20-24

Written by Lauren. Posted in Pregnancy

Yes, yes I know I failed at my weekly updates but to be fair I had good reason!  For the first week I had a very manic week sorting out bits and bobs for Spud going to Texas and Spike and I going to Reading to stay.  Packing for two children who would be in two different countries was a lot more difficult that I thought it would be!  The next two weeks were spent in Reading with no wifi and then week 24 was spent trying to get back into our normal life at home.  It’s not an excuse but sometimes real life really does have to take priority!  The fruit and bump pictures are stuck on my broken memory card at the moment which has also delayed pressing publish!  Anywho moving along……

A Pink-Splosion

Written by Lauren. Posted in Pregnancy

On Wednesday we found out Dot was a girl.  My announcement on my personal Facebook had me laughing because it received over 90 likes and over 45 comments.  I guess everyone was rooting for a pink one!