Pregnancy – Week 37

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Seriously where have the last 8 months gone? It feels like only yesterday that I was peeing on a stick and waiting two minutes for the second blue line to appear and here we are, classed as term and waiting for the imminent arrival of our baby girl.

Dot’s Growth Scan

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Two weeks ago I had my 32 week midwife check and my bump only measured 29 weeks. She said she wasn’t worried but that I’d need another check at 34 weeks. I went yesterday and discovered that my bump STILL measured small at 29cm instead of the average 34cm that it should be for my dates.

So we were sent off to hospital today for a growth scan to check that all was present and correct and that Dot was still growing healthily. I won’t lie, I was panicking a bit. Dot is active and her heartbeat is perfect so I wasn’t too worried about her but I was very aware that if something was wrong with her growth or the placenta that the safest place would be out and selfishly I am really really not ready for that yet!

Preparing for Dot!

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On Saturday there will only be 6 weeks until D day.  In 6 weeks time it will be OCTOBER.  At the moment I am still in shock that October is really that close so haven’t really got my head around the fact that life in the Spud and Spike household is going to flip upside down.  A tiny, little, pink, screaming bundle will be joining our clan and life as we know it will never be the same again.

Pregnancy – Weeks 25-26

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Dot’s Development

Dot’s face is now fully formed and her ears are capable of picking up and differentiating between different voices and sounds. Her skin is smoothing out and she is starting to look more like a newborn.  Apparently sleep cycles have developed and she can be asleep for as long as twelve or fourteen hours at a time.  She can grasp its feet and make a fist and her hair is growing.  By the end of week 26 she will be roughly 14 inches long and weigh 2lbs.