How to take care of a violin

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Whether you’ve invested in a violin for your kids or yourself, you’ll no doubt want to make sure it stands the test of time. Let’s face it, in a busy family home, it can be hard to keep anything out of harm’s way. However, by following these simple care tips, you should succeed in looking after this instrument.

Clean it regularly

One thing you must do if you want to keep your violin in tiptop condition is clean it regularly. This only takes a few seconds and it can help to preserve the condition of the instrument. Ideally, use a dry, soft, microfiber cloth. Specialist suppliers like Caswell’s Strings offer versions that are designed for use on string instruments. Cleaning with these cloths helps to remove excess rosin dust, which can damage some varnishes.

Easy ways to make your diet gluten free

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The Celiac disease sounds like a rare complex disorder.  But, in sober fact, you may not guess how many people around you suffer from this illness. Due to increased awareness of symptoms, celiac disease is gathering speed worldwide and affects more inhabitants every year. According to the statistical data, 1 in every 133 people has this disease. And the main trick is that this serious immune disorder may not reveal itself by means of any signs or symptoms (abdominal pain, vomiting, weight loss, weakness). Based on blood test and biopsy a health consumer is diagnosed with the Celiac disease. It is gluten that triggers this autoimmune disorder, and once you’re diagnosed you have to avoid all gluten in your diet.

Healthy gifts to buy your guy

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Whether your husband or boyfriend is a health nut, is thinking about starting a health kick or simply needs to start thinking about looking after his health, there are lots of gifts you can give him that will help. Healthy gifts may not seem all that exciting or helpful, but if you can find something that fits in with what your loved one wants or needs, he’s sure to love it. Here are some ideas for the types of gifts you can give.

Are your kids really safe online?

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There’s no avoiding the internet in this day and age; almost every household has access to broadband, and the amount of content designed for children – from educational sites to videos and games – is ever increasing. But are your children really safe when they’re online? Are they being exposed to content that they should not see, speaking with people who they do not know, or risking damaging your computer with the download of viruses and malware? Follow our top tips to help you ensure that your children are always safe when browsing: