The Huggies PT Challenge Conclusion

Written by Lauren. Posted in Huggies Potty Training Challenge

Last Summer Spud and I embarked on the Huggies Potty Training challenge.  I had been extremely apprehensive about taking the huge leap out of nappies for so many reasons.  Firstly I wasn’t keen on chasing around after puddles of wee and poo but mostly I didn’t want my baby to grow up.  That transition out of nappies, to me, was the last thing about Spud that made him my baby.  I needn’t have worried because as you will have all seen from our update posts he took to it like a duck to water.  We took it fairly slowly and Daytime Dryness was achieved within a few months of starting.

The Huggies PT Challenge – Daytime Dryness!

Written by Lauren. Posted in Huggies Potty Training Challenge

I haven’t blogged about Potty Training Spud for a while because it was all going pretty much the same.  When I went to stay at my parents house for three weeks we did hit a few hurdles and started getting poo hysteria.  He started having wet accidents a lot more and he would go and hide and then be devastated when he pooed in his pants, even if they were Pull Ups.

When we got home the accidents stopped and we seemed to jump that last hurdle and be well on the way to being fully potty trained.  Within  a few hours he took himself off to the potty and came to get me saying he had done a poo.  Low and behold there it sat in the potty!  He had a HUGE smile on his face and there was lots of high fives, kisses and stickers!  After that breakthrough Spud would take himself off to the toilet whenever he needed a poo.  He obviously wants privacy because he never asks me to take him, yet he will always ask me to take him for a wee.

The Huggies Potty Training Challenge Days 5-7

Written by Lauren. Posted in Huggies Potty Training Challenge

After a few very successful days I decided to write one longer post than fill your minds with wee wee and poo poo every single day!

Day 5 was our first day with no nappies at Creche.  We popped him into his Huggies PULL-UPS® and took his Pourty with us for him to use whilst he was there.  I told the staff, who are usually very good, that we were potty training and to ask him a lot if he needed a wee and to MAKE him sit on the potty.  When I picked him up they told me that he hadn’t sat on the potty at all that day and had done two poo’s and all of his wees in his Pull Ups.  I walked home feeling like we had taken two steps backwards.  Once at home we kept things as they had been for the past 5 days and he went back to knowing what he was doing.

Day 6 we all ventured out to do some food shopping.  We thought he had done a poo when we were in the car on the way home but when I got home he was clean and dry.  He quickly sat on the potty and did a poo and a wee!  I was so proud!  The boys went down for their naps and unusually woke up at the same time.  Whilst I was sorting out Spike’s bottle, Spud asked to go for a wee wee but as he was wearing a Pull Up and not pulling at it I thought that he was just trying to get attention so told him to wait a minute (I know, I know!)  As I took his Pull Up off I noticed that he was just finishing the only wee in it.  BAD MUMMY!  We went to Pizza Hut for dinner and took our new Pottette Plus with us.  He asked to go for a wee wee so off we trotted to the toilets where he decided just to sit there for a while! We did this a few times and he just didn’t go for a wee.  When we got home he went for a huge wee on the potty and had a dry Pull Up!

Day 7 was our second day with no nappies at Creche.  It went pretty much the same as Day 5.  Either too much is going on for him there or they just don’t make enough effort to encourage it.  I am really surprised considering how often they told me he was asking when he was still in nappies.  They were the ones telling me I had to potty train him!  He came home but went straight back out with the Hubby and then spent the rest of the afternoon back and forth between the potty and the playdoh!  We are really lucky that most of the time distractions at home don’t stop him asking for the potty!

We have been given so much advice from different areas recently including the whole “don’t go out the house for two whole weeks.”  Anybody that knows Spud would know that this is a terrible idea.  He would go absolutely bonkers!  We have decided just to take it slowly.  He gets it and is very very good and only ever has accidents when we go out, which with some persuasion and reminding will stop in time.  Now we have the Pottette Plus it makes out lives much easier.

We have gone back into Huggies nappies overnight now, he was waking up absolutely saturated and I think we need to crack day times before we even attempt the night!

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