The Elf on the Shelf

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Last year we bought into the craze that seems to be sweeping houses in every corner of the globe.  The boys didn’t really “get it” so it was a bit lack lustre but this year as December crept upon us the excitement from the Boys motivated me to make a proper effort with the Elf.  In fact our one Elf became 3!  I decided that it would be more fun with multiple Elves and a lovely lady on a Facebook group made a Tutu for our girl and my parents and I spent an evening performing surgery to wire up their limbs.  After much deliberation they were named Snap, Crackle and Pop!


The Launch of the Skylanders Universe Magazine

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On Tuesday we took Spud to London for the launch of the Skylanders Universe magazine which hit shelves yesterday (29th October 2014) for the first time.

Skylanders Universe™ magazine is bursting with posters, puzzles and fun facts on all the Skylanders characters that young Portal Masters will love. On sale every 4 weeks, this brand-new magazine comes with a free gift in every issue. Issue one includes an awesome Trigger Happy Coin Blaster! 

Skylanders Universe™ magazine is on sale now.”


The Kiddicare Sleep Diary

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For the past month I have been recording mine and Dot’s sleep and moods as part of the Kiddicare Sleep Survey for the Kiddicare Blog.  Within the first week I noticed that even though I thought that Dot didn’t sleep a lot she actually slept a fair bit!  She has always been very good at knowing day from night and settles really well after a feed at night but a few weeks ago she started waking every 90 minutes or so at night – after A LOT of tears from me because I was so exhausted I decided to stop breastfeeding and immediately we noticed a rigid routine from her.