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BRITAX partners with Emma’s Diary to advise parents about the benefits of high-backed boosters in Group 2-3

This week, leading child safety brand, BRITAX, has launched a nationwide initiative designed to educate parents about car seat safety in Group 2-3 and to highlight the dangers of using booster cushions with older children. The ‘Bin the Booster’ campaign urges parents to opt for high-backed boosters with side impact protection to ensure little ones are safe and secure on their travels in the lead up to summer and beyond.

Keeping fit with the BOB Revolution SE

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Over the past 6 weeks or so the Hubby has been on a huge health kick, cycling 15 miles a day to work, doing 30 mile+ rides on his days off and eating a lot better.  He has lost 10kg so far and is looking great.  This does not sit well with me.  I am SO proud of him but in all honesty it’s made me feel pretty rubbish.  With him getting buffer and me getting fatter (ok ok more pregnant) I have started to feel pretty crappy about not being able to join him in the exercise.  Here is when I am literally thanking Britax with every ounce of my being.  I can’t drop the kids at school and go on a bike ride with the Hubby but I can get my family out and about in the fresh air and get some exercise whilst I’m at it, thanks to my BOB Revolution SE which I introduced you to a few weeks back.


Introducing the Bob Revolution SE

Written by Lauren. Posted in Baby Products, Britax Mumbassador, Pushchairs/Prams/Buggies, Reviews

When Britax contacted me and asked if we would be interested in reviewing one of the new BOB strollers, I was quite pleased that we would finally have a pushchair that could battle the woods behind our house so we could go for longer walks and no longer drive to the duck pond.  Then they started talking about getting active.  About running with a stroller.  I laughed.  I’m not really one for sport of any kind and find it hard enough to find my own balance whilst running let alone having any sort of balance with a prop like a stroller with the most precious cargo inside!  And of course I have a brilliant excuse at the moment to be lazy.

Britax then told me that they have collaborated with fitness expert Laura Williams to get parents active by sharing hints and tips to help us along, starting with pregnancy.  Ok, Ok so I admit being fitter would be nice and I keep worrying about gaining too much weight in this pregnancy but then do NOTHING about controlling it so decided that Britax might actually be onto something.