How to take care of a violin

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Whether you’ve invested in a violin for your kids or yourself, you’ll no doubt want to make sure it stands the test of time. Let’s face it, in a busy family home, it can be hard to keep anything out of harm’s way. However, by following these simple care tips, you should succeed in looking after this instrument.

Clean it regularly

One thing you must do if you want to keep your violin in tiptop condition is clean it regularly. This only takes a few seconds and it can help to preserve the condition of the instrument. Ideally, use a dry, soft, microfiber cloth. Specialist suppliers like Caswell’s Strings offer versions that are designed for use on string instruments. Cleaning with these cloths helps to remove excess rosin dust, which can damage some varnishes.

Protect it from extremes of temperature and humidity

It’s also important to protect your violin from extremes of temperature and from changes in humidity. This is because variations in heat and moisture levels can cause the wood in these instruments to expand and contract, resulting in open seams or even cracks. To avoid these problems, keep your violin out of direct sunlight and away from radiators, and never leave it in your car. You should also try to keep the humidity of your home fairly constant, and bear in mind that you can buy special violin humidifiers that help to prevent cracking.

Handle it with care

Because they’re delicate objects, it’s important to handle violins with care. When you’re not using the instrument, make sure you carefully put it away in its case, and store it somewhere safe where it’s not likely to fall. If you use a shoulder rest pad, always remove it from the violin before you return it to its case. Also, when you’re carrying the case around, make sure any latches are securely closed.

Don’t get carried away with DIY

If you do see the beginnings of any cracks or open seams, don’t be tempted to test out your DIY skills with the help of commercial glues. Instead, take a trip to a music store or violin maker to get a professional repair. This might cost you a little more, but it will ensure the job is done properly. After all, instrument makers use a special adhesive for this purpose that’s much better suited to the job.

As long as you follow simple care tips like these, you should be able to protect your violin from harm and ensure that you or your kids get plenty of use out of it over the years.

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