Healthy gifts to buy your guy

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

Whether your husband or boyfriend is a health nut, is thinking about starting a health kick or simply needs to start thinking about looking after his health, there are lots of gifts you can give him that will help. Healthy gifts may not seem all that exciting or helpful, but if you can find something that fits in with what your loved one wants or needs, he’s sure to love it. Here are some ideas for the types of gifts you can give.

An electronic cigarette kit

The easiest way to quit smoking, an electronic cigarette kit allows your partner to quit smoking without having to go cold turkey. The e-cigarette itself allows him to control cravings by still having something to puff on, and helps him out during tempting moments, such as when he’s at the pub or after dinner. Plus, the amount of nicotine in the e-cig can be decreased slowly so that the physical addiction can be broken painlessly.

An active holiday

An active holiday full of adventures and experiences would be an amazing gift that your guy will never forget. Something so different from his day-to-day life is bound to be memorable, and he can work on his fitness at the same time – without it feeling like a burden. If you went together, it would also be a great bonding experience.

A healthy snack subscription

There are plenty of companies online that provide healthy snacks on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis; they can be delivered to his home or desk so that he has healthy things to snack on rather than junk food. These can be useful for those who work hard and struggle to get their five a day, or who are just tired of eating junk.

Exercise classes

These may not seem like the ‘manliest’ thing to enjoy, but exercise classes are a great way for your guy to get into shape whilst still maintaining the motivation he needs to keep going after a few weeks, once the novelty has worn off.

Water infuser

There are many bottles and pitchers online with an infuser built into them, which will allow your man to infuse his water with any flavours he fancies, making it that much easier to increase his water intake. This should have miraculous benefits to his health, as well as giving him something delicious to drink throughout the day.


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