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The Boys both love the garden and rarely spend a minute inside from Spring until Autumn.   Last year they much preferred ride on toys and bikes to everything else so we ended up getting rid of most of it, it simply hadn’t survived the bad weather of the past two winters.

Now we have Dot.  She doesn’t like to be left out and she’ll be 18 months old in the Spring time so no doubt will want to play outside with them.  And so begins the toddler proofing of the garden.

Last year we started letting the boys use the front garden as well and because they have a good level of understanding are (mostly) very well behaved they stuck to the rules of staying on the grass and never playing with balls out the front.  This year we need to fence it off.  Living in an MoD property we had to ask for permission and we were told that as long as it’s a decent job then they have no issue.  No bodged fences allowed so we are going to get it professionally done and widen the path at the same time.  After 4 years of asking the Hubby to widen the path I’m finally going to be able to get out of the car without stepping into mud!

We need to have a look at swings, slides and seesaws as well as play houses and perhaps even a trampoline.  I want the garden to be inviting as well as safe with plenty for them to do.  We are also looking to plant some things for them to look after.   Last year I started a little plot for them to plant some vegetables and they painted their own gnomes and things but everything needs weeding first.  I’d also like to finally get a table and chairs and perhaps even a proper BBQ.

It’s going to be a big job but definitely worth it.  We’ve put off doing anything nice to the garden because we never knew if we would suddenly get moved but now that we have a draft securing our house for the next 4 years we can finally make it a part of our home.

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