Guest Post – Snacking for healthy teeth

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If you have young children, now is the time to get them into a good dental routine, but how they snack is just as important. Make sure you’re nice and clued up about the kinds of foods that don’t put sensitive young teeth at risk and learn a few snacking tips and tricks.

Offer fruit and veg

It’s no surprise that fruits and vegetables make the ideal snack. Not only do they contribute to a healthy diet – as they are low in fat and rich in vitamins and minerals, they’re also safe for teeth. However, there are a couple of exceptions to watch out for, like sugar-dense bananas and raisins, but most will not call for a brush after eating.


Keep portions small as cheese is relatively fattening, but with lunch or as a snack, it has dental benefits due to the fact it triggers the flow of saliva, helping to wash away food particles.

Steer clear of sticky and chewy foods

These include peanut butter, dried fruit, granola bars and honey, which are likely to stick to the teeth and not wash away easily. If your child happens to particularly love any of these, just remind them to give their teeth a quick brush afterwards.

Serve sugary foods alongside meals rather than as snacks

We tend to have a higher amount of saliva hanging around in our mouths during a meal, so this is a better time to allow kids to have a sweet treat. A mealtime drink also aids the prevention of lingering sugary particles.

Limit snacking occasions 

The number of times your child snacks is actually just as important as the quantity of snack foods they’re eating. Constant snacking without brushing doesn’t allow enough time for saliva to build up and do its job to wash away bacteria and the particles also feed these bacteria.

Look out for unsweetened and sugar free food and drink

There are lots of reduced sugar versions of family favourites, which make snack time less of a worry.

Dental hygiene is something we should encourage and keep in mind at any age and health is of course the most important thing to consider. However, there is also cosmetic dentistry in Hampshire on offer that can give you the confidence to smile if you’re a little unhappy with the appearance of your teeth.


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