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Our final review product as a Tidy Books Ambassador is their flagship product, the Bookcase.  The bookcase was designed by the owner of Tidy Books, Geraldine, in her violin workshop when she couldn’t find a suitable bookcase for her children.  It is designed for children with rounded corners and wall fixings along with the standard Tidy Books non-toxic, eco-friendly water lacquer.


The Tidy Books Bookcase can hold 85 children’s books of varying shapes and sizes and can feature a colourful 3D alphabet on the front.  I chose the plain white Tidy Books Bookcase because I originally wanted it to go in Dot’s bedroom which is white and purple.  When it arrived I started setting it up right away and found it fairly straight forward but with a fair amount of screws.  One thing that I was a little bit disappointed by was the exposed screws.  It would have been nice to have something to cover over them so that they aren’t as obvious.


The Tidy Books Bookcase is a lot bigger than I envisaged so once assembled I realised there wasn’t enough room in Dot’s room for it.  I started to look for other places and was delighted that it filled a space that would ordinarily be totally wasted.  Being only 7cm deep the Tidy Books Bookcase fits really nicely in the gap but it does bug me a little bit that there is a big gap down the side.  It needs to be approximately 2 inches away from the skirting board at the bottom which I assume is to stop the books from leaning forwards and falling out but it leaves an untidy gap.  I would rather the side piece was larger so that it could sit flush with the wall or at least the skirting.


The whole point of the Tidy Books Bookcase is to get children reading.  They judge a book by its cover so only being able to see the spines on ordinary bookcases doesn’t make reading an appealing activity for them.  I have to say since getting the Tidy Books Bookcase all three children have been helping themselves to books a lot more which I’m thrilled about.  It also makes it a lot easier to tidy the books up at the end of the day.

The Tidy Books Bookcase has an RRP starting at £135 and would make an absolutely fantastic present for a child of any age.  Originally it was meant for Dot who loves books at 1 more than the boys ever did but now it holds books for all three children.  Like all Tidy Books products the quality is outstanding and it comes with a 7 year guarantee so is definitely a worthwhile investment.


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