Family time with Strategy Games.

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Now that Spud and Spike are almost six and four they have developed a very good level of understanding a new found passion for games.  For a long time it was difficult to get them to take it in turns and Spud still now can get a bit edgy whilst waiting for it to be his go.  Playing games and teaching them strategy is doing wonders for family time and we have been having great fun playing games like “Who shook Hook?” and “Pesky Pirates.”

The Hubby is getting quite excited about teaching the boys games like Risk and Battleships and I like that it’s a set way for him to play with the kids.  We don’t have to use our imaginations or play roleplaying games that the kids love but that we find tedious, strategy games are absolutely brilliant for quality family time without (dare I say it) too much effort being put in.  There are no excuses to not play with the kids as the games are quick and easy and just there.

Noughts and Crosses

Spud and Spike like to play this a lot already and teaching them consequence seems to be working quite well.  It’s a really quick and easy game that can be played anywhere and is often used as a boredom buster at restaurants.  It is funny to see them trying to work out how to win and Spike is actually pretty good, thrashing Spud most times which if we aren’t careful does result in a very sulky Spud!



Again another quick and easy boredom buster that we can play with Spud now that he is cracking on with reading but at the moment it’s a very one sided game with him guessing the letters.  He is still a little bit too young as more often than not, even with very easy words, he ends up hanging the man because he randomly guesses letters rather than working them out by looking at the word.


I can’t wait to start playing Monopoly with the boys.  The age rating on the box is 8+ and I think we have at least a year until Spud understands enough to be able to play.  I might have a look into the kids version as we have tried to play before with us helping and they just didn’t have the patience for it yet.



Again the boys are a little too young for this game and I’m not sure when I will want to teach them to play it even though I love the concept, I don’t love the idea of explaining that it’s a murder mystery!


With the Hubby being in the Navy this is one game that will be a huge success with the boys.  I think that Spud will be able to grasp the concept pretty soon but we need to give it a try.


My brother was really good at Chess and I remember him being in a Chess team at school.  He and my dad would spend hours playing together at the weekend and I’m hoping it’s something that he can teach to his nephews.  He lives in Texas so it might be something that falls on Pops to teach them as I’m not entirely sure that the Hubby has the patience for it!

Poker & Card Games

Card games are always a winner and Solitaire is proving a hit with the boys whilst teaching them number recognition and order.  With Spike being in preschool it’s helping him to understand that things belong in sets and although it took a while to explain to both of them the order of Ace, King, Queen and Jack they love having a go at it on the iPad.  The boys love Snap and Rummy and there is an ongoing debate about whether or not to teach them how to play Poker.  Maybe when they are a lot older but at the end of the day you don’t have to gamble with money.  When they are older if it’s something that they like, unlike the child in the linked article, access to our credit cards will be a big no no!



My new addiction!  It’s great for the boys because it’s essentially a matching game but with the added twist that to get to the bottom pieces you need to clear the top.  It can be extremely frustrating but it’s teaching the boys to persevere.

All of the games teach forward thinking and that actions lead to consequence and even with iPads each and apps that can play all of the above, I don’t think anything beats sitting down and playing the physical game as a family.

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