The Elf on the Shelf

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Last year we bought into the craze that seems to be sweeping houses in every corner of the globe.  The boys didn’t really “get it” so it was a bit lack lustre but this year as December crept upon us the excitement from the Boys motivated me to make a proper effort with the Elf.  In fact our one Elf became 3!  I decided that it would be more fun with multiple Elves and a lovely lady on a Facebook group made a Tutu for our girl and my parents and I spent an evening performing surgery to wire up their limbs.  After much deliberation they were named Snap, Crackle and Pop!


The Elves were meant to arrive on December 1st but we were away until late the night before and I wanted to introduce them properly.  On the morning of the 1st an envelope came through the letter box.  The letter from Santa explained that they had been selected to host Scout Elves (explaining why friends at school didn’t have Elves) and that before they went to bed that night they needed to sprinkle glitter on the doorstep.  The excitement was immediate.  It was absolutely brilliant to see.

IMG_6313 IMG_6397

And so began our Elf invasion.  The children woke up on the 2nd to a Christmas tree holding 3 Elves that needed decorating.  The Boys have watched The Elf Story DVD so follow the no touching rule and after last years accidental handling of the Elf, that devastated Spike, ours move throughout the day onto the top of the TV or onto a shelf out of reach.  Each time we’ve managed to do it with the Boys thinking we are elsewhere so they are totally convinced that they are moving by themselves.


There has been an awful lot of hatred for The Elf on the Shelf tradition this year but it’s just a bit of fun and my children are absolutely loving it.  We aren’t going to the extremes that I have seen on Pinterest and Facebook but the excitement on the boys faces every day is adorable and definitely motivating!  Even the Hubby who is the biggest Scrooge I have known is getting involved and we are both looking forward to Christmas morning immensely.  I think I’ll even miss these little buggers when they leave on Christmas Eve!


The only thing better than Christmas as a child is creating Christmas for a child.

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