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Music has been a big part of my life since I was a child.  We are premium subscribers to Spotify because it makes it possible to play the music that we want to listen to everywhere.  At the gym, in the car, in the house, on the school run anytime, anywhere at least one of us is plugged in to Spotify.  Our playlists are available to us no matter what device we are on.

The kids all love music with Dot dancing around the room at the slightest tune and Spud singing any song that pops into his head so we often get asked if we can play this song or that song.  We follow a Disney playlist and often search for specific children’s songs but we hadn’t really explored the full capabilities of Spotify until we were asked to review the USM Junior My Songs App.

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Upon finding the My Songs App a whole new way to use Spotify was introduced to me.  Instead of listening to the same old child friendly songs on the Disney Playlist or searching and adding individual songs, I now had a place where loads of playlists suitable for the children sat together.  There are two categories, under 5’s and over 5’s with 16 genre sections: Party, Playtime, Rhymes, Action, Football, Learning, Stories, TV Themes, Bedtime, Pop, Holiday, Halloween, Christmas, Movies, Show Songs and Classics.


Each section has playlists that you can play, share, save or customise and it’s extremely easy to navigate.  Both Spud and Spike can use the My Songs App easily and it’s very appealing to them with bright colours and pictures of the album art.  The My Songs App has made it possible for me to let the Boys choose their own music on Spotify and it will come in handy for events such as birthday parties, making my life much easier because I don’t have to sit and sort out a playlist for it!

The USM Junior My Songs App is available via the App Finder on Spotify to both Free and Premium users.  It is currently ranked at number 101.


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