The Launch of the Skylanders Universe Magazine

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On Tuesday we took Spud to London for the launch of the Skylanders Universe magazine which hit shelves yesterday (29th October 2014) for the first time.

Skylanders Universe™ magazine is bursting with posters, puzzles and fun facts on all the Skylanders characters that young Portal Masters will love. On sale every 4 weeks, this brand-new magazine comes with a free gift in every issue. Issue one includes an awesome Trigger Happy Coin Blaster! 

Skylanders Universe™ magazine is on sale now.”


The Hubby, Spud and I jumped on the train to London which ended up being 35 minutes of standing like sardines, a quick trip to Starbucks at Paddington and then 10 minutes of trying to work out and locate what tube to get.  Going to Hammersmith we should have cottoned on a lot quicker that the Hammersmith and City line was the best way to go!  We arrived at the Immediate Media Co. office and Spud’s eyes lit up at the sight of everything Skylanders.

We were introduced to the Editor and Designer of the magazine and Spud was asked to design his own magazine cover in competition with the other children.  He got cracking straight away and it was really nice to see him be creative as I miss out on a lot of that part of Spud now that he’s at school.


He absolutely loved it and was delighted to win second prize for his design!


Spud was then ecstatic to discover that he could play the new tablet edition of Skylanders Trap Team on an iPad and immediately immersed himself in the game.


After a very exciting day Spud thanked everybody (about 30 times!) and we headed home.  It was so lovely to spend the day with just Spud, he was on his best behaviour and I could see that he adored every minute of it.  His day was polished off nicely when he was given his very own copy of the tablet edition of Skylanders Trap Team.  He has informed us that now that he has it, he doesn’t need to ask Santa for it anymore so instead he will ask him for an iPad!


Once home, Spud and Spike ripped open the plastic and started pawing through the Skylanders Universe magazine letting out little squeals with every page turn.  For £2.99 the Skylanders Universe magazine is excellent value for money.  It included a Trigger Happy coin gun with target, a pack of collectors cards, 3 posters, a voucher making a Battle Pack £1 and it is packed full of activities for them to do, including drawing, colouring, spot the difference and a comic strip.  Spud loved the preview for next months Skylanders Universe magazine so we will definitely continue to buy it for him.


We had an absolutely brilliant day and would like to thank Immediate Media Co. and Activision for inviting us and for giving Spud an epic goodie bag.  Spud is still smiling from ear to ear and telling everybody about his day even though we have heard it all 50 million times already!

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