Guest Post – Is it right to spay or neuter your cat? A guide to preventing unexpected litters

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Neutering and spaying of pets has become very common for a number of reasons. With pet owners keen to avoid the many complications that can come with pregnancy, it’s a sensible question to address.

Cats can become sexually active from a very young age, so the question of whether or not to neuter is one which should be addressed at the very beginning of a cat’s life. Here, we take a look at why you might choose to spay or neuter your pet, as well as considering how best to go about it.

Why neuter a cat?

For female cats, spaying can make their lives a great deal easier. From an age as young as four months, female cats can begin to attract the attention of suitors in the area. In addition to the immediate worry of your cat becoming pregnant, this can also be somewhat stressful for female cats.

Having a female cat spayed will prevent a pregnancy, which could be difficult to deal with. It will also remove the unwanted attention from tom cats, allowing your cat to play without any worries.

While male cats can’t get pregnant, their chemistry can certainly make them a handful. Performing the operation on a boy cat reduces the chances of him getting into fights. Cat fights can often lead to bites, which can be dangerous for cats as this is how they can contract FIV. FIV is similar to HIV, and while it poses no threat to humans, it can be a huge problem for your pet.

Not only are cats less likely to find themselves getting caught up in a fight, but snipped cats are also likely to wander less far from the house, reducing the danger posed to them by cars. The operation can also stop them from spraying in the house, which can create a nasty smell.


As mentioned, the cat neutering process is something which should be done surprisingly early. Cats can become attracted to one another at a very young age, which can cause even greater complications in the event of a pregnancy.

If you’re thinking of adopting a cat, consider cats and kittens from the RSPCA as many of these felines will have already been spayed or neutered or if they haven’t, you may get help with costs from your local RSPCA centre.

These simple operations can take place at your local veterinary clinic, and usually take no longer than an afternoon. While animals undergo anaesthetic, they are usually back to normal the very next day.


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