Guest Post – Share your niggles and reduce your stress levels

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

Everyone suffers from niggles, but whether you choose to soldier on in silence or decide to give voice to your irritation is the difference between increasing your daily stress load or sharing some of life’s irritations with others and discovering you’re not alone.

Everyday niggles

You know the feeling: you start the day with the best of intentions, only to discover that the dress that you want to wear is still lying at the bottom of the dirty laundry basket. It’s always the little things in life that end up driving us mad. Whether it’s discovering that your partner has pinched all the milk and not bothered to replace it, or your child has decided to play hide and seek with the car keys, just before you’re due to set off for the shops, niggles are infuriating.

Overcoming niggles

A major source of niggles for women is a badly fitting bra. You can squirm your way through the day, with frequent visits to the bathroom to try and adjust, the pesky thing but your best bet is to invest in a new Magic Wire bra from Triumph. It fits like a dream as the company recognises that women suffer from irritations on a daily basis, so they’ve launched a new campaign where you can get involved, and share your problems with others.

If you’re wearing an ill-fitting bra, you’re setting yourself up for a day where you won’t be able to concentrate on anything because you’ll be constantly fighting with your underwear. You may even find yourself coming across some of these niggles:

The #nigglefix campaign

As well as fixing one niggle with their magic bra, Triumph has also called on the world to help find solutions to other problems. Check out The Huffington Post and see how the new Triumph campaign appreciates all the trials and tribulations that exasperate women the world over. They’ve done women the great service of creating a solution for uncomfortable bras, but women’s niggles live on.

The #nigglefix page on Twitter has many humorous anecdotes, and a few solutions to some of life’s smaller problems. For example, you have a hair disaster then wear a hat! Triumph doesn’t pretend to be able to sort out all aspects of your life, but if you join in the fun on Twitter or Facebook you may be able to laugh about your niggles sooner than you’d thought.

You’ll soon discover that you’re not alone … and this should reduce your stress levels if nothing else.


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