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Fisher-Price sent Dot their brand new First Steps Jumperoo a couple of months ago to test out and from day one she absolutely loved it.

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The Jumperoo has had a complete make over and has become a 2 in 1 product that helps to aid baby’s first steps.  The Fisher-Price First Steps Jumperoo boasts a height adjustable, extendable frame with 360 swivel seat with music toys at every turn.


Like its predecessors it starts as a stand alone bouncer but then with one simple adjustment it becomes a short walking frame that the seat can slide along helping little ones to gain the confidence and skills that they need to reach their next milestone.  It is suitable from when a baby can support its own head, up until approximately 25lb (11kg.)


When it first arrived everything just slotted together nicely.  I could have put it together without using instructions but as it was for Dot I did consult them just to make sure everything was correct and safe.  The padded, washable seat pad clipped is easily removable for washing She had already been in a Rainforest Jumperoo at my Mum’s house so knew exactly what to do when I popped her into the seat and started bouncing away happily.

Although the Fisher-Price First Steps Jumperoo fits into the same gap that Spike’s Rainforest Jumperoo lived in, it’s square shape does make it seem to have a much larger footprint even when at its smallest.  The frame extends with a simple pull so it is really easy to set up in walking mode and then push back together to save space when it’s not being used but it would definitely benefit from some sort of lock as it can sit a bit squiffy instead of square and messes with my OCD.


At first I thought that it was a real shame that there were no longer any overhead toys but Dot doesn’t seem to miss them at all.  In fact her and Spike used to eye them up suspiciously rather than play with them so maybe it is for the best that they have gone.  Dot loves that she can turn 360 and between bounces is constantly spinning and exploring every aspect of the Jumperoo.  The music has two settings, continuous or reactive.  She adores being rewarded with music after a big bounce.  When we extended the frame for her to start with she did just bounce and that moved the seat unit along but soon she started going back and forth by moving her feet.  It’s an excellent feature, you no longer need to purchase both a Jumperoo for bouncing and a classic baby walker.  For a fraction of the price you can get a 2 in 1 product that also saves the space of having two.  Our house certainly isn’t big enough for two large baby items so it’s been a life saver there.  However it’s not a product that you can slot into a corner or put in a cupboard when not in use.  It does take up a fair amount of space and pretty much dominates our living room at the moment.  I don’t mind so much purely because it’s not forever.  Now that she has started cruising she tolerates it less and less each time because she WANTS to be out and into everything.  We mainly use it now to contain her for 20 minutes just so I can do chores that I don’t want her to “help” with.

Overall the Fisher-Price First Steps Jumperoo is a fantastic addition to the Jumperoo family and provides hours of fun and learning.  The RRP is £124.99 but since it’s release I have seen it much cheaper with various shops offering discount so shopping around is a must.


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