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We love babywearing and Dot is often carried around in her Mei Tai.  It can be time consuming to tie her in, especially if she is being wriggly so I wanted something that I could put her in and out of quickly.  When we were asked to review one of the new Special Edition polka dot BabaSling’s I jumped at the chance.  With it being one piece of material that clips together I would now be able to carry her on quick trips without the faff of the pram or the Mei Tai slowing me down and come on, polka dot’s are just perfect for our little Dot.


We chose Polka Red and when it arrived I immediately fell in love with it.  The BabaSling is 100% cotton and extremely versatile with 5 different carry positions, two of which can enable breastfeeding.  It is suitable from birth (3.5kg) to approximately 2/3 years old (15kg) and it adjusts in seconds.  You can feel the superb quality and the carrier itself comes folded up nicely in a drawstring bag.  I couldn’t wait to try Dot in the BabaSling and the step by step photo instructions made it quick and simple to set up.  I did get a bit confused about positioning but the instructions and videos on the BabaSling website definitely helped.  I did however feel the need to invite my friend that has a BabaSling over just to make sure that I had it set correctly.


 After trying a couple of the positions I decided that side saddle was the best one for the both of us, Dot is very nosey and I didn’t like the support offered in Little Joey.  It may have just been because I am used to the support offered by a structured carrier with multiple straps.  I love the BabaSling for the short journeys that I wanted it for and she loves being able to see what is going on in the world around her.  I have also found it extremely handy when I am busy at home and she wants to be held as I can quickly put her in and be hands free, I just don’t reach for it when we are going on a longer trip.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 19.02.10

I think from newborn with a steady increase of weight the BabaSling would be perfect especially with the cuddly, newborn carries that help to aid discreet breastfeeding but I do feel a little bit of shoulder burn after wearing her for a little while especially if she falls asleep.  It is so easy to adjust that when shoulder burn does kick in I can quickly move her to try and distribute her weight a bit better.  I also think it’s probably a case of practice makes perfect, my friend that helped me to adjust the BabaSling carries a 2 year old so it’s probably just Dot sitting slightly off.


The BabaSling has an RRP of £44.99 which is a fab price for the quality.  It comes in the three special edition colours pictured above as well as a selection of plain ones that can be found on the BabaSling website.  It is totally machine washable, folds up small for storage and is a very handy addition to our repertoire of baby transportation.
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