Skincare tips for busy mums

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Those who have children will know that it can be difficult to find any time for a little peace and quiet. It can have an impact on skincare regimes (often one of the first things to go), and with the amount of attention that a family requires, it can leave the skin looking tired and in need of a little TLC.

Tips for tired skin

There are a number of possible causes for tired skin. The obvious one is a lack of sleep, and this certainly applies to busy mums. The loss of quality sleep will soon show in the skin, but there is an easy way to deal with this cause – try to get a little more sleep. This is easier said than done, but the more sleep that can be achieved the sooner this will start to improve the skin.

Inadequate nutrition can also have an impact on the skin, but this is a cause that is also easily resolved. Following a balanced diet that contains plenty of fruits and vegetables will help to revive the appearance of tired skin. Sometimes it is easy to forget that the skin needs to be nourished properly.

There are also a number of ways that skin can be enhanced using cosmetics and simple procedures. Having a good skincare regime is essential, so it is important to find products that work for that skin type. This does not mean that a lot of money needs to be spent – there are some good quality budget ranges that can work very well. It is important to cleanse, tone and moisturise each day. This may sound as though it is time consuming, but in reality it can take just a minute or two. Getting rid of the dirt and pollution of the day can allow the skin to breathe, and a moisturiser that can help to boost the skin will help the fresher skin cells to show through.

Alternatively, take some time out to have a facial or other skin care treatment at a salon. A popular option at the moment is the Derma-Logi dermaroller, and this can also be used at home. This is a micro-needling system that is designed to create tiny wounds in the skin that will stimulate the development of fresh skin cells and the healing of the skin.

Why rejuvenate the skin?

There are a number of reasons why it is important to give the skin a boost. Busy mums know that sometimes they do not look their best, but when the skin looks good it can go a long way to making a good impression. A busy parent may feel tired and rushed off their feet, but it does not have to reflect in the skin. Becoming a parent means that priorities change and less attention is paid to issues such as skincare, and this can have an impact on confidence, but just a few small changes to the daily routine can make all the difference.

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