Protecting your child when the toys fight back

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It’s wonderful to know that your child is growing up and having fun. Playtimes are so important to their discovery of the world, their self-confidence and being nurtured in a loving, fun environment. All parents crave these things for their kids and for themselves; it builds great memories and is the source of rich family relationships as they watch their kids grow up.

Choosing well

Being a parent is the perfect opportunity to indulge our passions. We can go right back to the best memories of our own childhood and create them all again with the next generation. We rediscover what amazed us back then and see our own children enjoying it too, maybe from a new perspective. Then there are all the new toys to enjoy that have come along since we were small.

Choosing fun toys with bright colors, funny characters and comforting textures is all part of the joy. We want our children to experience the best we can offer them and so try to build up a collection that delivers a wide range of enjoyment and experiences. Some toys are brilliant for imaginative play, while others are more specifically educational, and others are perfect for calming us down. We need all these things as we grow and as parents we choose them lovingly and need them to be reliable and robust for curious little hands.

Limiting the damage when something goes wrong

Unfortunately, much as we try to ensure that everything is completely safe, we can’t always be sure that we have bought something that lives up to its claims.

Children’s toys are designed to attract; they’re colorful and appealing to all our senses. This means that manufacturers may get too carried away with promoting their image and designs and not spend enough time on quality and safety. Nobody would admit to it, but when budgets are tight and companies are rushing the next big thing to the market, safety standards may not always be the top priority.

If you have any doubts about the safety of what you have bought, act straight away and don’t be put off by feeling that you are a killjoy. If your child has an accident or injures themselves while playing with defective toys, in spite of your best care, take the item away immediately and keep all evidence to report the danger to the retailer or manufacturer.

The feeling that all parents dread

It’s scary to realize that your child has come to harm while simply trying to have fun. You feel guilty and worried that they have really hurt themselves and, worst of all, will suffer lasting damage. Little eyes, ears, skin and hands are too vulnerable to take risks with. If the worst does happen, it is right to pursue legal action against the manufacturer. Don’t be put off by any excuses. Your child’s wellbeing is more important than that and other children will be put at risk if you don’t.

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