Luxury for mums who desperately need that caffeine fix

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Busy mums are generally time-poor and sometimes energy-depleted too, which means making the most of those precious moments when it’s possible to relax, unwind and recharge the batteries. Until such time as there is an actual domestic fairy godmother, household tasks like shopping, cleaning and cooking simply have to be fitted in alongside other duties. That means every now and again a caffeine fix is required, if only to renew energy and help mums face the rest of the day.

All about caffeine

One of the great things about caffeine, whether in coffee or tea, is that it kicks in within minutes. This makes it ideal for a quick pick-me-up at the start of or during a busy day. It stops feelings of sleepiness by blocking chemical signals in the brain. Moderate doses of caffeine have been proven to improve mental ability, including memory, reaction times and reasoning skills; all of which is good when dealing with parental daytime activities.

As it can take between three and five hours for caffeine to be broken down in the body, it is not a good idea to have coffee at bedtime, as it may well interfere with quality of sleep. Given that mums who have small babies or toddlers may already have disturbed sleep patterns, it’s best to enjoy those delicious coffee or tea moments earlier in the day and to benefit from the extra energy they supply.

Make the most of ‘me time’

Being a mum is all about caring for others, especially younger and more vulnerable human beings and it is easy to forget how important it is to take some time out for personal care. Maybe a blissful afternoon at the hairdressers will do the trick when there is some respite from the busy schedule of daily care, especially if a daylong spa break is out of the question. At any rate, a quiet and peaceful moment with a cup of delicious coffee can provide a lovely ten minutes of calm in an otherwise hectic family timetable. It’s important to make the most of it though, so forget the mug of instant stuff and make sure there are Tassimo coffee pods available for that life-saving coffee machine, which might just have been the best investment ever made.

Plan for energy

Capitalise on coffee time by planning to do something quiet and gentle, such as reading or listening to a favourite radio programme, when the opportunity arises and then undertake more demanding tasks after a caffeine fix rather than before; efficiency levels will be improved and they will be easier to accomplish. Take the time to really savour and enjoy these tea or coffee moments as they offer a genuine boost for the rest of the day.

One thing that’s really useful to remember, just in case guilt sets in because you find that you’re actually enjoying your coffee break, is that the happier mum is, the happier baby and ultimately the whole family, will be.

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