Guest Post – Time for fun with great bingo video!

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

If ever there has been proof that it’s time for fun then it’s this great video:

Produced as part of an ongoing campaign by Costa Bingo, the clip embodies the true spirit of the game by highlighting the fun and enjoying which a group of people can have when they’re together. In the clip, you see a great game of limbo being played and it’s not hard to imagine the same level of enjoyment being had around a game of bingo.

The video itself isn’t just to show the fun that can be had when playing games though – it’s designed to decipher the world of bingo lingo for everyone. There are actually 90 bingo calls – one for each number used in the game – and this campaign will put them all to video. There are already half of the clips available online with the rest to be published over the next three-four weeks.

You can view the clip for number 41: time for fun, and others, on YouTube now and there great to watch with the kids if you want to test their bingo knowledge or get them involved in making their own funny calls and videos.

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