Where did my baby go?!

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Every day I get a notification on my phone to tell me that my Timehop is ready.  It’s an app that I absolutely love.  It shows me my social media activity from this day one year, two years or even seven years ago.  Over the past few months my Timehop has been making me reminisce about Dot’s pregnancy with bump photos and gender revelations.  Today it made me a bit weepy.  Spud in his graduation photo popped up and I honestly couldn’t believe how much he has changed in a year.

I remember this time last year we were having meetings at the school, he was having taster sessions and pre school were preparing him for the big transition into big school.  In his graduation photo he looks like such a baby compared to how he looks now and it as I watched him get himself dressed into his school uniform this morning, it got me thinking about his very first day at school.  When he was a cheeky little 4-year-old with uniform that almost swamped him.  I didn’t expect his uniform to last more than about 6 weeks, he used to go through jeans at pre school like they were going out of fashion.  I remember making sure I went to Asda just to ensure that I got the 100 day satisfaction guarantee so if he did start going through the knees I didn’t have to fork out for new uniform again!


Now he just about squeezes into his jumper and wears shorts every day because his trousers (which all survived!) are all too short and I don’t want to buy new ones with only 5 weeks left of school.  He has grown up SO much since September and every day he takes me by surprise with some new-found knowledge and his enthusiasm is amazing.  He is such a smart, funny little boy and I did feel like since starting school that I was missing out on how great he was.  I also have two other children which shouldn’t mean he gets left out but it’s hard to get one on one time with him.


Last week I let Nana take Spike and Dot home with her so that I could have some one on one time with my big boy and I have loved every minute.  It has shown me that both the Hubby and I need to MAKE time to spend alone with Spud.  He is a total little dude and I hate that he gets passed over because his siblings are home more than he is, he didn’t ask to be the eldest of three!  He will always be my baby but the past five and a half years have absolutely flown.  Now that he has almost finished a whole year, even though it only feels like yesterday that he started, I know that if I blink he’ll be 18 and waving me goodbye as he leaves for Uni.


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