Guest Post – Quick tips to prepare your body for an exotic break

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If you’re heading away for an exotic break or some much-deserved summer sun, there are a few tips you should be aware of to help prepare your body for the holiday. With a little care and attention, you will be in perfect condition to make the most of your valuable time away. By following the ideas below, you can prepare your body and mind perfectly at relatively low cost – if you look good and feel fabulous, you are ready for the holiday of a lifetime.

Prepare your skin

Making sure your skin is in ideal condition ahead of a long trip to a hot location is a key priority. All over exfoliation to remove dead or dried skin is an absolute must, particularly if you’re intending to come home with a perfect suntan. Use facial and body scrubs and deep cleanse your body. Keeping your skin moisturised to prevent drying out is also imperative – not only will this help ward off recurrent dryness, you’ll also feel fabulous too!


Once you have removed any dead skin, getting a base tan is also important. Travelling to a hot climate with pale skin is asking for problems: there are of course various ways to ensure you get a head start, whether it’s by visiting a tanning salon or by a little home preparation. One good product is body spray, which will give your skin a fresh, healthy glow and prepare it for a longer dose of sunshine. Make sure to use products which contain moisturiser too, as skin hydration is key. The best time to prepare your skin is around a week before you travel.

Look after your hair

It can be extremely difficult to maintain your hair’s usual healthy appearance in hot and humid conditions. Make sure you’ve not only had a haircut prior to departure to ensure you feel good, but take steps to ensure your hair won’t suffer during your trip. Curly or frizzy hair can become really difficult to manage in exotic climates; one way to protect it is to have a Brazilian blow-dry, which adds keratin to prevent drying out. This is an expensive treatment when done professionally, so if you’re on a smaller budget make sure you pack a hat and haircare products to keep your hair in its best possible condition. Try and avouid prolonged exposure to the sun and also salt water, which will also dry out your hair and skin.

Nails, nails, nails

If you’re intending to glam it up, or just want to feel fully prepared for anything, get your nails done a couple of days before you travel. With a long-lasting manicure, you’ll feel fabulous throughout your trip and ready for whatever is thrown at you.

Lash out

Hot weather and prolonged sunshine can also play havoc around your eyes, bleaching your brows and lashes. A good way to protect your lashes is to get them tinted – this can last for up to two weeks and will keep you looking your best!

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