Butlins Minehead – Day 4

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Today was our last full day at Butlins Minehead and it started out the same as yesterday with a huge breakfast and the boys wanting to go to Splash Waterworld for the morning.  We hit up some outdoor play areas in the afternoon after both boys jumped to the top of the Skyline Pavillion on the trampolines.  I love that you can’t walk 5 metres without something exciting for the children, this really has been an awesome week for them.

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Food and Accommodation

With the Premium Dining package there are two restaurants that you can choose to eat in.  Up until today we had chosen The Deck and loved the little area that we found in the corner as it was quiet and out of the way.  It was quite dark in The Deck and whilst walking past The Yacht Club with it’s floor to ceiling windows we decided that as it was our last night we should eat there instead.  The restaurant decor was nicer and it was a lot brighter but we all preferred The Deck for choice and atmosphere.  You can walk between the two restaurants choosing food but it didn’t make sense to me to sit in one and eat from another so next time we will probably just choose The Deck.  It is nice to have a choice of two restaurants though.


Today we went to the Thomas the Tank Engine show at 10am.  The boys both thought it was brilliant and even I was singing along to the theme tune.  There was a lady there selling flags which of course both boys wanted.  They cost £2.50 which I thought was an ok price but a little steep for the quality of them.  The same lady sold glow sticks and the likes for the evening shows so there are little extra costs that can soon mount up.  Obviously you don’t have to buy these extras but I do think they could be better priced.  Most of the optional extras were slightly over priced in my opinion.  The Go Karts and the trampolines where kids wear a harness were both £5 per child for about 5 minutes and the Donkey Ride was £3.50 and all they did was walk around a field once.  Apart from Thomas the Tank Engine there wasn’t anything on the schedule that really tempted us so we had a lazy afternoon in the accommodation that ended up with everyone EXCEPT me falling asleep!


Staying with a Baby

I honestly don’t understand why with SO many cleaners around that the toilets can get so messy and dirty.  Today we used the disabled toilet/baby changing room at the restaurant and even I didn’t want to pee in there!


 *Disclosure – As a Butlin’s Ambassador we received a 4 day break with premium dining for review purposes*

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